Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yellowstone National Park - Day 1

We headed for Yellowstone National Park this morning. When we got to Mammoth Hot Springs, we headed east to stay away from the road work. We've had a beautiful day! 

We were stopped by a bison herd on the road. Eventually they decided to travel toward us on the other side of the road. They were on Ray's side of the car and he got a few photos. Some of those beasts were within 2' of the Jeep. Maybe too close!

We left the main road and drove the Blacktail Plateau Drive, a 6 mile gravel one-way road. We didn't find any wildlife but we found lots of wildflowers.

I was shooting towards the sun but I loved the scenery from that drive.

Shortly after finishing the drive, we headed for the Petrified Tree. Not that it wasn't exciting but the two bears were more exciting! Some days I wish I had a telephoto lens on my phone!

We saw bison all day - many herds and sometimes just one or two by themselves. This guy was just enjoying his afternoon.

 We did visit the Lower Falls...

and the Upper Falls.

Here's one of my photos from last night's sunset. 

And I found a new idea for crocheting today!


  1. Your phone certainly takes fabulous photos ... much better than mine, I have to say. Of course, a certain amount of the difference *could* be the skillset of the photographer. ;-)

  2. Watch out for the bison, they are mean and FAST. I'm guessing that a guy was NOT driving that Jeep. Cute tho.

  3. You can get a little telephoto lens for your iPhone. Beautiful photos, though!



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