Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Magnificent Day with LOTS of photos

Yesterday was magnificent! A beautiful day with great sunshine and warm temperatures. Our friend, Patti, decided to head to Jasper - photographing, shopping, and lots of driving. We chose to head the same direction but not as far - photographing, hiking, and less driving.

Our first stop was Lake Louise in the sunshine! 
Beautiful Lake Louise
Lake Louise
 Some scenery as we continued northwest.

Next stop was Peyto Lake the area was just opened the day before! There was plenty of snow as we hiked to the lake.

Two different people we met commented that the lake was the color of my hat - it was awesome! I'm so glad we didn't bypass this.

We continued further on the Icefields Parkway. We saw mountain ranges around every curve and many glaciers.

We stopped at a pull off. There was a little trail so we decided to hike down it further and further... until the trail widened and this was the view.

Ray was ahead of me and told me to work my way through some mud and water; there were two things I needed to see. Inukshuks!

I took a panoramic shot with my iPhone. 

We went on to Saskatchewan River Crossing and decided it was time to turn back. We stopped near the Crossing for a picnic lunch. This is a panoramic shot of our dining view.

On our way southeast, we stopped at the lake and lodge near Bow Glacier. The lake still had ice.

After walking around for a while and visiting the lodge, watching a helicopter transporting goods back and forth over the mountain, we continue on.

Not sure if you can read the sign - we saw them very often: symbol for NO STOPPING and words: Avalanche Area then the same in French.

This little Bighorn Sheep was waiting for us by the side of the road.

The clouds were rolling in but we still had one more short hike to this little stream on the Bow Valley Parkway.

Today we are getting ready to leave Canada. The day is a little gloomy - lots of clouds and a little rain. It's a good day to pack and get caught up. We are going to take a walk this afternoon- rain or not!

We have LOVED being here. Did I mention the daylight? It is light before 5AM and getting dark around 10:30PM.

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  1. I had to look up Inushuks ... how interesting, and how exciting that you got to see a couple. Those pictures ... all I can say is WOW!! Visiting the Canadian Rockies is way up my bucket list now! Too cool!!



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