Monday, June 8, 2015

Hayden Lake, Idaho

Sunday, June 7, was another gorgeous, sunny, very warm day. Our cabin for the weekend was on Hayden Lake north of Coeur d’Alene, ID – a beautiful, relaxing setting. The cabin is comfy and reminds me of the lake cabin I grew up with. We bought groceries on our way in and just relaxed all weekend – no car time! Again, we had a very sketchy Internet connection – guess we’ll catch up on emails, etc. later in the week. The TV cable is pretty basic so we missed the Blackhawks playoff game on Saturday.
Our favorite place in the cabin.
Most of our meals were on the deck overlooking Hayden Lake. 
The lake is very shallow and rather narrow right in front of our cabin. Boats congregate there all day long for fishing and swimming.
View from deck of cabin
We did spent some time on the dock and a little time in the water. There were naps, a little reading, and lots of doing not much.

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  1. I imagine that it felt pretty good to relax and spend a little time outside of the car? ;-)



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