Thursday, September 16, 2021

Update Time

Finally, after 6 months of daily injections to build my bones, I was able to schedule surgery with my neurosurgeon last Monday. It'll be another 5 weeks before it happens but the doctor assures me that surgery will finally happen!

During the night last Monday, Ray had a coughing spell. He's not sick or anything just a tickle in the throat. He evidently irritated some nerves in his back and leg from coughing so hard. He's having great difficulty moving and walking. He saw the doctor today (Thursday) and hopefully his meds kick in soon. (Just what this house needed - another old decrepit person 😉🙃🙃)

My days have become very predictable - lots of sleep. One way I deal with pain is to sleep and some of my meds make me sleepy so I nap a lot! If we do something, it takes a day or more to recover. Needless to say, I don't accomplish much. Now that Ray is out of commission for a bit, life could get interesting but most likely, meals will be simple, clothes won't be washed, and cleaning won't be done. We'll survive!

I haven't sewn much; in fact most days, I don't get upstairs to the studio. I had a pile of donation quilts though. Since I couldn't donate quilts to the children's hospital yet, due to COVID, we took 30 quilts to the Ronald McDonald house when we were in Madison on Monday. I think there are 3 quilts left on the donation pile upstairs. 

Thirty quilts ready to go:

I donated 

1st pile of quilts

2nd pile of quilts

3rd pile of quilts

The quilts from 2019 are:                                         
I Scream You Scream
Scrappy Trip Around the World 
Jenny's Flower Garden Too 
From 2020:                                                                     
Six Degrees South North of the Equator    
Batik Bowties
Strings with Navy
Crazy Cars
Orphan Improv
Courthouse Steps
Flannel Baby Squares
Black/White with Teal
Blue with Yellow Jelly roll Race
Migration I
Migration II
Teal and White
Tiny Log Cabins
Scrappy Blue
Colored Strings
Pink Puppies
Basketweave Strings

From 2021:
Awesome Aspens
B/W with Red  
Diamonds with Squares
Easy Breezy
Pathways to Friendship
Magic Squares
Little Squares
The I Spy Tree

For the next 5 weeks I will try to help around the house, go to what seems like a zillion doctor appointments, work on staying healthy, and probably nap! And just maybe I'll find a little time to sew.


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