Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Yesterday I asked Ray what he would like to do for Father's Day. He said he'd like to take a ride! Of course, he knew today was another travel day. We drove through the high desert of Oregon and into Idaho. Both of these photos were taken through the car window in Oregon.

We saw lots of onion fields! I mean LOTS! Then we found out that the eastern Oregon - western Idaho area ships more than 1 billion onions annually!

Some other interesting things... 

Did you know that Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state? 

Also, Oregon does not have self-service gas stations. New Jersey might not either. Oregon stations are NOT full-service. When you go to the gas station, you hand a person your credit card, they insert it and pump your gas. Sometimes they pump and you go inside to pay. Most of the time you wash your own windows and do whatever else you want done. Over 4000 people have the job of pumping your gas. The state is talking about stopping the practice.

We are in Twin Falls, Idaho. For the first time ever, we ate at a Sheri's tonight. Our salads were wonderful and the pie was fabulous! 

We left Pacific Time today and now are on Mountain Time. It'll take us a day or two to adjust...


  1. We are so used to pumping our own gas that on our first visit, we got right out to pump our gas and got "scolded" by the young man who came out to pump our gas. I didn't know that eastern Oregon/western Idaho produced so many onions ... interesting.



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