Saturday, June 27, 2015

A very long day...

It's been a gorgeous, very warm day but we had to leave the Rockies - very sad! 

Our day was rather uneventful until we got to Lead, SD, to our VRBO rental. It had NOT been cleaned and wasn't going to be! We arrived about an hour after check-in time. We didn't stay. We have always had good luck so this was a surprise and a disappointment. We've talked with the owner and our money is being refunded. Lesson learned: Never again will we rent from an owner that is totally dependent on his cleaning lady to oversee the property because he lives hundreds of miles away.

We are at a motel in Rapid City, SD, tonight. We'll decide what our next move is after dinner.


  1. Oh no! Whew! - glad that you're getting your money refunded on that VRBO.

  2. Sorry you ended up with a dirty house! Glad they are refunding your money!

  3. We have good friends in Lead who have rented their home (especially during the rally) and have such a cute place. So sorry for your experience!

    1. Next time, I need to poll friends for suggestions! Overall we had a great trip. Things happen but it wasn't the end of the world. All ended well - we got home early and will get to see a couple of grandsons play baseball instead of missing their entire season. ~Jeanne



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