Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yachats is pronounced yah-HAHTS

I thought Yachats rhymed with hatchets but I found out differently!

We can see the ocean from our house but we are 1/2 block (2 houses) from the ocean. We awoke to a 100% overcast, cool day; it was almost 50°. I haven't figured out the difference between foggy and cloudy here - it all seems the same to me! What I do recognize though is the sun and it came out late this morning while we were on the 804 trail! 

After lunch we headed south of Yachets about 3 miles.

We hiked down to Devil's Churn which is just south of Cape Perpetua. The water really churns in this small inlet.

Devil's Churn
Near Devil's Churn
Near Devil's Churn
We drove to the Cape Perpetual Visitor Center 
View from Cape Perpetua Visitor Center
and hiked to Thor's Well and Spouting Horn. I didn't get a good picture of Thor's Well - we were there about an hour past high tide. Spouting Horn is just a split between the rocks.
Spouting Well
When the tide comes in, it spouts. This would be much higher at high tide.
Spouting Well
We drove up to Cape Perpetua Overlook, the highest point on the Oregon Coast that can be reached by car. The sun was shining and the views were spectacular.
View from Cape Perpetua Overlook

This little stone shelter was built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).
Cape Perpetua Overlook
Cape Perpetua Overlook

We ended the evening sitting just off of the 804 trail watching a gorgeous sunset.

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