Monday, December 28, 2020

Just Checking In...

I thought it was time to check in. There isn't much happening here. I do have the rest of the blocks made for Easy Breezy. I need to add sashing and sew them together.

I'm hoping to begin machine quilting a quilt later this week. We'll see how it goes. I am knitting each day - I'm working on an afghan and a sweater.

We finally decided to get an Air Fryer in October and it has become a favorite. We use it most days and have been eating well. Yesterday we had egg bites for breakfast and roasted a whole chicken for dinner. Both were excellent. Tomorrow I think we'll try apple fritter bread because we have some apples that need to be used. We've cooked beef, pork, poultry, fish, pizza, grilled cheese, different vegetables, and a few desserts. It will be a long time before we run out of ideas.

I have become somewhat of an expert at a couple of computer games. I have played Algerian Patience for 10 years. I had to reload the game and began a streak last fall. Yes, I really win this game. Every. Time!

My other, more recent game is Numberzilla. I have almost every badge and I refuse to buy the hints, bombs and undos so I have to play smart. I've only been playing about a month. 

Both games involve some concentration which helps me deal with my back pain.

I'm seeing a neuro-spine surgeon in a few weeks. The imaging I need cannot be done in time for the one appointment he has in January due to Covid, quarantines, holidays, and vacations. So I will see him first thing in February. The pain is rather constant so my days aren't very productive. I'm not supposed to work through the pain which is hard. I am hoping to get a little exercise - treadmill walking and stationary recumbent bike riding - in the days ahead. A little will be like 5 minutes or until the pain intensifies. I feel better when I get some exercise so I'll do whatever I can. 

We had a big snow storm a couple weeks before Christmas so ours was a White Christmas. Last night we got a little more snow and tomorrow we are under a winter storm warning with many inches of snow forecast. We are ready to hunker down for a few days. The two of us will celebrate the New Year at home.

Happy New Year!


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