Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Travel Day

We left our cottage this morning and headed south and east around Upper Klamath Lake. We could see Mount Shasta which is in Northern California.

When we got to Klamath Falls, we FINALLY found a car wash. Then we found a barbershop for Ray before we headed east. We stopped for lunch in Lakeview at this cute little place. I can always handle sandwiches on homemade bread!

We drove through many different terrains.  Many of the lakes were very low; some were totally dry. It was sad to see. 
Lake Abert - Beautiful reflections but not nearly enough water
We went through the Northern Great Basin and the high desert. We saw some crops with lots of irrigation; some large ranches; free-range cattle; and lots of dry, arid land with sagebrush. We even saw sand dunes and sandy areas.

We are staying in Hines, Oregon tonight. Right next door in Burns, Oregon is Country Lane Quilts. So we took a two-minute drive and visited the very nice owners. I bought a few fat quarters and got to sit on one of those balance ball chairs.

Tonight it is nice to have the Internet again. Tomorrow is another travel day.


  1. How awesome that you are finding so many quilt shops. I think I could handle just about anything on homemade bread! Yum!

  2. Hubby went to Crater lake, when he was a teen. Fun cattle drive.



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