Saturday, August 6, 2022

Our trip - the end of week one

Day 4 
Today was a LONG travel day, at least long for us. We left Nashville, IN, and decided to forgo the interstates. As we headed to Hamilton, OH (there was a quilt shop there that I wanted to see), we encountered a closed road because the bridge was out. Oh how I wish we still had a Garmin GPS in our Jeep. Our current Jeep has a TomTom GPS. Let's just say it's a good thing I still have map skills. 😉

As we were headed towards Metamora, IN, I saw a Bean Pouch Barn so we had to go back for pictures. Ray loves seeing these.
We later saw a Bean Pouch ad as a sign on a newer garage. We didn't go back to get the picture.

We finally enjoyed a late lunch. Our waitress was fantastic - when I asked if bread was baking, she brought us fresh hot rolls before we even had water. We were supposed to get bread with our meals - either a roll, a biscuit, or a piece of banana nut bread. I was having a hard time deciding between another roll and the banana nut bread so she suggested I have both. So good! No, she didn't charge for the extra bread. They weren't busy so that may be the reason...

Shortly after lunch we caved and got on the interstate. We decided to bypass Hamilton and headed straight for Chillicothe, OH. After an hour or so, Ray had had enough of the traffic which was mostly trucks. So out came the map again and we headed for the backroads. 

Our first stop in Chillicothe was Old Town Fabric Shop. I have been to this shop many times in the past years. In fact one of the ladies recognized us! They sell Aurifil thread cheaper than any other place I've been. I bought some thread, I found backing fabric and a few fat quarters, and I broke my rule - I bought the layer cake without a plan to use it. My only defense is: I'm on vacation!

When we checked into our motel, the clerk asked if we were going to the 

Tecumseh Drama.

 There were tickets available and it was tempting 
but it is just too warm to sit outside. It's 9 PM and still 87 degrees. We went out to eat and are now just chillin' in our room.

Day 5 
A great start to the day - Ray had biscuits and gravy for breakfast, one of his favorites which isn't often found close to home. 

Our first stop was Bolts and Quarters Quilt Shop in Parkersburg's WV. Actually our first stop was where our GPS took us and we stopped, called the shop, got better directions, and drove a couple miles. As soon as we saw the store, we both said "We've been here before!". 

This is a great store and the people working were fantastic. The young man I spoke with on the phone greeted us when we walked in and was relieved and happy that we found the store. Then he went our of his way to help me. As I was checking out, the lady asked us a couple of questions - she had remembered us! The store is arranged well and very neat. Their fabric selection is great and the thread selection is unreal. We'll definitely stop the next time we are passing through. I found a few treasures and Glide thread, my favorite for long arm quilting.

The quilt shop sent us to Mary B's Diner for lunch. Of course, they didn't disappoint! We shared a piece of delicious homemade blueberry pie for dessert - Oh my!

Tonight we are in Bridgeport, WV. We've had time to rest, a walk in the mall and dinner. There is a large sand sculpture at the mall that was pretty neat.

Day 6
It's another biscuits and gravy day for Ray! We both got in some exercise before starting out this morning. Most of our driving was in rural areas and we encountered light rain and wet roads.

Our first stop was in Thomas WV, a former coal town that currently has a large artist presence. We enjoyed some good wood fired pizza and snagged the directions to Douglas Falls. We followed the directions and when we got to the parking area, we found there was a short hike and then we had to climb down to see the falls. Well, there was no way Ray was going to do that climb today so we tried our best to get pictures through the foliage. This is the best I could get.

This mini falls was very close to where I took the previous picture. It wasn't hard to tell that there had been a lot of rain recently.

The next stop was Blackwater Falls State Park near Davis, WV. We walked down some 'natural' steps and then down some man-made steps. A lady offered to take our picture at the first viewing platform.

After walking down MANY steps and stopping at each viewing platform, we reached the bottom. It was worth the trek down and the climb back up!

Back on the road, we encountered some wicked weather. Ray pulled off the road at one point because it was raining so hard he couldn't see. When the rain let up, it looked like we might get more and we did.

Tonight we are in Harrisonburg in a beautiful airbnb rental. This is the view from our front window.

It's time to rest - my body is feeling the effects of riding three straight days. Ray is doing pretty good but he's tired too.

Day 7
I got up early and woke Ray - we walked out our door to take a picture of the sunrise.

Then we went back to bed and slept in - it's a rest day! After a leisurely breakfast and exercises, we headed to the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. We met Molly who had a booth with quilts and hats, and had a nice chat. She gave me the lowdown on the local quilt shops. 

Molly's favorite shop in the area is Patchwork Plus. It was a nice shop with friendly people. The shop was full of fabric and more. If I were looking for something specific, I think this would be a good place to look. 

I bought a backing.

Our next stop was the Silver Lake Mill. It was closed today but interesting to see; it's 200 years old!

Then we headed to the Shenandoah Heritage Market. This was an interesting indoor Country Market. There were many shops and no empty spots. There was a large Kitchenwares shop and many others including Sew Classic Fabrics. (This is Molly's second favorite shop in the area.) The clerks were friendly and the selection was way beyond what I expected to find. I picked out a backing - the orange on the right in the photo and then I found the cobalt blue and coordinating fabrics. I don't think I broke my rule because I sort of have a plan for this fabric or at least I have a few pieces that definitely go together.

We asked the lady checking us out if the Hungry Farmer Cafe inside the Market was good - she said definitely the soups and bread are all homemade. So the decision was made and our lunch was delicious!

Part of our afternoon was spent at the White Oak Lavender Farm. In addition to being a lavender farm, there is a winery, a gift shop, and beautiful grounds and animals. Here are a few photos.

It's been a great out-of-the-car day. We already have the laundry done (our rental has a washer and dryer) and the Chicago Cubs won (Ray was able to watch most of the game on TV). We'll eat in tonight.

Tomorrow we will meet up with our oldest son and his family. We can't wait!!! ❤️

I probably won't post again for at least a week ...

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

On the road at last!

We are on the road again - WOO HOO!!! The days are rather hard as neither of us is comfortable riding so we are really trying to take it easy. We are only in the car 4 hours or less each day with many stops to stretch and move. We are on our way to vacation with our oldest son and his family in Virginia. 

Day 1
We began our trip on Sunday and I didn't take any pictures that day. We stopped at Quilting in the Valley in LaSalle, IL. I didn't buy anything(!) but enjoyed looking. They must be rearranging that store as things were in a bit of disarray. 

Later we stopped at Quilting in the Valley in Champaign, IL. It was my first time at the Champaign store and I found a neat wide quilt backing. 
The lady working was so friendly and the store looked great. It's smaller than the LaSalle store but organized nicely. 

In the evening we walked around part of the University of Illinois campus - an area we've never explored, and it was right across the street from our motel.

Day 2 
We had bad storms overnight and early this morning. When I got up to exercise, I thought the wind might breakout the window in our room - it was strong and loud. Then we heard about damage near us and found out how lucky we'd been. The rain stopped before we left; we had a very warm, humid day.

We enjoyed a leisurely trip to Terre Haute, Indiana where we stopped at Wabash Valley Fabrics
The owner and her staff were super friendly and their passion for quilting was obvious. This is a great store and I could have bought a carload of fabric but restrained myself to one wide backing 

and a couple of pieces to add to my stash for more Tiny Houses.

We asked where to have lunch. Quilt shops have NEVER sent us to a bad restaurant. The first recommendation was right in the neighborhood, Sonka Irish Pub, so we headed that way. It was just a little over a block away and quite good. The wait staff was great.

We weren't very hungry so we shared a BLT, homemade chips, and our very first piece of Limoncello Cake - Wow! The cake was so good and very rich.

After lunch, we enjoyed a short walk in the park near the pub and then headed to Nashville, Indiana. When we arrived in Nashville, we walked around downtown for a while and then headed to our lodging. We have a nice airbnb that we've rented before. The evening was spent relaxing and not doing much.

Day 3 
Today was a day with little in-car time. Everything we wanted to do was close and we needed a break from the car. 

We began the day in Brown County State Park, which is less than five minutes from our 'home'. The north entrance is through this covered bridge.

We decided to do Hike 7, a 1.2 mile moderate hike around Ogle Lake. It was a warm, overcast, humid, still morning with beautiful reflections in the lake.

We met the fishers on the fishing platform as we hiked the perimeter - they were tent campers. (We enjoyed tent camping for many years.)

Some views around the lake

and little signs that fall is coming.

One of many shelter houses in the park.

At lunch time, we headed to Brownie's Bean Blossom Family Restaurant. Ray read about it somewhere and we thought it sounded good. 

All of the comments Ray read said that the Walleye Sandwich was fantastic. So we decided we had to have it. Oh my! It was so much fish, fried perfectly, and absolutely delicious! I might have had a couple little tastes before the picture.
Our waitress was wonderful and so was the homemade pie. We definitely have a favorite restaurant in this area.

Next on the agenda was the 1880 Bean Blossom Covered Bridge.

We drove across the bridge and Ray walked back to take a picture but was distracted with the flowers.

We headed about 5 miles outside of Nashville to see the Mail Pouch barn. This barn may be in better shape than the stuff surrounding it.

We decided to go back to the park on our way 'home'. This time we stopped at Strahl Lake. It is a smaller lake than Ogle but still pretty. It even had reflections this afternoon.

On our way out of the park, this young deer decided to say hello!

It's been a fun day and we didn't spend much time in the car. Tomorrow we will head for Chillicothe, Ohio.

Recently I shared a picture of a bench saying 
"The physician heals, nature makes well." 
Today we thoroughly enjoyed nature and feel much better.


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