Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yellowstone National Park - Day 2

We have been in Yellowstone a few times in the past so we have seen Old Faithful, lots of the geysers, paint pots, etc.  We have never been to the northern edge until now. Due to lots of tourists and road construction within the Park, we decided to just spend our time on the north side.

Today we decided to get an early start and visit the Northeast Entrance Road, specifically Lamar Valley. We found 
LOTS of wildlife.

We saw bison - hundreds of bison - some in the road, some in the open areas, some up close near the road!

There were antelope.

This picture of elk was in the town of Mammoth Hot Springs.

The scenery was fantastic - it was another gorgeous day.
Lamar Valley
There's bison way down there.
Lamar Valley
There's bison across the water
More bison across the water
We hiked to Trout Lake. It was a relatively short hike but all up hill. The wildflowers were beautiful.
Trout Lake hike
Trout Lake hike
Trout Lake
Trout Lake
After lunch a picnic of course! in Mammoth Hot Springs the town, we went to Mammoth Hot Springs the hot springs. We were able to drive to the upper terraces; there was still lots of walking. This place is huge! It is very desolate, has that sulphur smell, and is rather fascinating.
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs
On our way 'home', we stopped at the 45th Parallel which is inside the Park. The Mes had a great time and were loving being halfway between two places they've never been!

One more stop - the Yellowstone River right before we left the Park.
Yellowstone River
Ray is hoping for very clear skies tonight for star shots. There are some clouds but it has cleared quite a bit. I'm just enjoying the couch in 'our' barn right in front of the picture window.

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  1. Wow, lots of bison. Hope Ray was able to get some nice shots of the stars last night.



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