Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sailboats are ready to sail...

A finish! The sailboat quilt is done. Another quilt from my clean-out-this-stash project. The sailboats were left from a baby quilt and I just couldn't throw them away. I think that is how my stash got way out of hand - I just can't throw fabric away! I added strips of bright colors and cut some strips to include a sailboat or two or three.

The back is blue with little white flecks. I added a column of bright colors to add interest. 

This donation quilt is 44.5" by 59". I used Dream Cotton batting and Aurifil thread for the piecing and the quilting. I machine quilted waves using a walking foot. The quilt has already been laundered so you can see a bit of those puckers that I love.


We saw the doctor and we got meds - LOTS of meds. It's taken a while but we are both FINALLY feeling better. A few days ago, we both were able to go a whole day without a nap - long naps like 2 hours or more. We both still have a cough and aren't 100% but we are MUCH better and the doctor says we are no longer contagious. We are not usually sick so this has been unusual for us and it's been off and on for almost 2 months.

Today I walked on the treadmill - my first real exercise in weeks. It felt good but I think it will take a few days to get my endurance back. At least we are on the road back to normal, whatever that is!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Red Lasagna Finished and turtles???

Red Lasagna is finished! It is 57" by 60". I used Aurifil thread and Dream Cotton batting.  I quilted this with a wavy line using a walking foot.

It's another gorgeous day so I had to go outside to photograph this donation quilt. I obviously did not do a good job of spreading it out flat.

The back is a very dark navy with birds. By piecing the backing, it took about a yard less of backing fabric.


That green quilt is on the design wall again and it has turtles! I think it adds a great kid friendly element and some needed color. I just need to decide on borders. 


Today is go-see-the-doctor-day. Ray is there now and my turn is coming soon. I'm hoping a little medicine will make all this crud disappear...

Friday, November 11, 2016

A pair of socks and an idea

Another pair of hand knit socks. These feel so good - I can't wait to wear them! This yarn comes from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but I think it is available in the US.  I bought it last spring in Baddeck, NS. 

The yarn is Fleece Artist Cottage Socks in the color Forge Fire. 
Things are moving slow around here. We are both sick with colds or maybe it is something else. It kind of comes and goes but doesn't go away. We have physicals next week and decided to wait to see the doctor until then. Hope that wasn't a mistake.
During one of my good hours, I put this quilt on the wall and it just seemed too plain. Of course, I'm not a green person but it really needs something.

So I have an idea... stay tuned!

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Weekend Retreat

A group of us try to get together for a retreat a couple of times a year - at least we used to. And then we couldn't find a place and life got in the way. 

But this past week was a dream come true week. Did you hear the Chicago Cubs won the World Series? And four of us got together for a retreat! 

I've been a Cubs fan my entire life but not quite as die-hard as my husband, my brothers, and my in-laws so the week was unbelievable. Before this fall, the last Division win for the Cubs was in 1945 and the last World Series win 1908. 

And the 4 of us - Sandy, Barb, Krista, and me - got to go on a retreat together. We found an airbnb rental - The Farmhouse - that is rather close to all of us.  It's not a retreat center but we took tables and lights and it all worked well. 

We were out in the country and had gorgeous weather.

We had a great visit, accomplished lots, and ate well. Here are some of the finishes.
Barb's handwork
Krista's quilt
Sandy's quilt
Sandy's quilt
Barb's tiny blocks
This is Krista's quilt again - she use the same pattern from the newest Block magazine that ...

I used for this scrap donation quilt!
my donation quilt
my donation quilt
my donation quilt
We didn't have design walls so I took the last two pictures at home. 

Hopefully this will be somewhat of a quiet week - I need the rest! I've caught Ray's cold/cough. Think I'll just be lazy as much as possible.


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