Friday, June 26, 2015

Another beautiful day in Paradise

We are staying in Paradise Valley, referred to as Paradise by the locals. The valley connects Yellowstone National Park with Livingston, MT and it is gorgeous! I love the scenery our gravel road not so much. Of course, I love being in rural areas and hearing nature sounds. This place is wonderful!

This hanging is in our barn (cabin).
Cabin Rules
Welcome to the good life
where the rules are
short and sweet
No schedules. No Deadlines.
No Dress code. We keep it simple
Take time to Rest, Relax &
Renew. Breathe Deep
Make Smores and
Spend time enjoying
the great Outdoors it's the
Perfect time to hike and

We haven't had any S'mores but we are certainly living the rest!

Today we decided to explore Livingston, MT. It's the northern gateway to Yellowstone from I-90. First stop was Back Porch Quilts, a very nice quilt and yarn shop with great employees.

I bought a wide backing and a piece for a background of a quilt in my mind. I also bought some chunky yarn:

We headed on to the Depot. This was a working depot for many years and is now a great museum.

The thermometer was going up, up, up - a bright sunny, very warm day. We headed to Sacajawea Park and had a nice picnic in the shade. After walking a little in the park, we made one more stop on the way 'home'.

The GPS in Jeep went a little crazy  this morning. Not really sure what happened but after spending 1/2 hour at the Chrysler/Jeep dealer in Livingston, it appears that it will have to be replaced after we get home! 

When we got back to the barn, it was time to just kick back for a while. We looked at maps since we'll be traveling tomorrow. We do have GPS on our phones but just wanted to get an idea of what roads we'll be driving. Tonight we'll head down the road for BBQ. 

We leave these gorgeous mountains tomorrow. That's hard when you love the mountains like we do. 

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  1. Even though we use our GPS when traveling, I like to kind of follow along on the map ... old habits die hard? ha! What pretty yarns ... do you have any specific plans for them?



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