Friday, November 16, 2018

Jungle Strips

I finished Jungle Strips at the retreat last weekend. 

The main fabric, a jungle print, is the center diagonal of each square. I'm not sure where/when I acquired the fabric but I love it.  I found fabric in my scrap bins to match the colors in the jungle fabric.

This 52" square quilt has Dream Cotton batting. I used #2784 navy, 50-weight Aurifil thread to quilt this. I stitched in the middle of each of the 1" sashing pieces. Then I crosshatched each of the string blocks. The border has diagonals stitched in various widths. You can see a corner here.

In the middle of each side, I changed the direction of the diagonals.

On the back of this donation quilt, I used fabric that was left over from Mack's Quilt

One day soon we'll head to University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital. It's time that some children enjoy the pile of the quilts I have upstairs.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Retreat

I went on retreat with 3 friends this past weekend. I didn't take many pictures - sorry. There was lots of sewing and crocheting going on.

I took my Cricut Maker along because one member in our group hopes to have one soon. We made these two shirts.

This morning I took some pictures of my projects. All were cut out and started before the retreat. They all need pressing but that seemed a waste of time today since I was just going to fold them up again.

The first one is made with strips left from this baby quilt. I sewed the left over strips like a jelly roll and then cut the pieces for this.

This quilt still needs borders. I used blue strings separated into lights and darks Every so often I added a bright colored string to the dark blocks.

A while back, I saw Bonnie Hunter's Tumalo Trail quilt. I thought it would make a good child's quilt with a some changes. Looking back at Bonnie's, mine looks quite different!

The turquoise and pink quilt:

The bright color quilt:

I also finished binding a quilt - I'll show you that soon.

I saw the doctor last week. She thinks the problem in my back is muscle instead of bone related. That pretty much means surgery won't be involved. Yay! I still have meds for the pain and I begin physical therapy next week. Anything that involves leaning forward is very painful. Sadly sewing involves some leaning forward. Today I'm not doing much; I'm just recovering from the weekend. Hopefully I'll be ready for short bouts of sewing by tomorrow.

In other news - I cannot post on other blogs again. I'll be working on that...


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