Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crater Lake National Park

Yesterday, we enjoyed a gorgeous day at Crater Lake National Park. We drove around the lake and took a zillion pictures. I’ll just share a few. Some are panoramic shots.

The water in Crater Lake is considered some of the most pure, natural water in North America.

Something must have been blooming in the lake - it shows in some of the photos.

Every so often I looked away from the lake. The whole Park is beautiful.

We even found snow; actually quite a bit of snow! This snow was on a mountainside.

We went on a short hike to see some wildflowers before leaving the park.

On the way ‘home’, we stopped to buy meat for dinner. There really weren’t grocery stores anywhere near us. We were told to stop in Fort Klamath at a tiny organic food store, the only store on our way. They had some frozen hamburger, from Australia, for $14 a pound! It really was good but it wasn't that good.


  1. $14/pound? Yikes! I love the photos of Crater Lake ... thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  2. How beautiful! You are right, we really need to take a trip up there!



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