Saturday, July 17, 2021

Just checking in...

Well, not a lot is happening around here but I thought it was time to check-in. I no longer sew everyday - what a difference! 

I do have some finished tops that I don't think I have shown you. I'll tell you more about each when they are finished.

My pressing is now done while I'm sitting down. I have the log cabin squares finished; I just need to decide on a layout.

Health update: The pain meds are working but the pain has increased so I'm back to not doing much. Standing still is very difficult. Walking is ten times easier. A couple weeks ago we took a short overnight trip. We went to Quilting in the Valley in LaSalle, IL. On that 2-day trip, we also saw 2 grandsons play baseball. It was great fun but tiring. Upon my urging, we are about to leave on another longer trip. We'll visit family and friends and hopefully see an International Hot Air Balloon Festival. At the furthest point, we'll be 4-1/2 hours from home. We have LOTS of rest time built in and will only travel short distances on travel days. We are both looking forward to it.


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