Thursday, May 26, 2022

A finish and an update

Oh my - I haven't posted in a month! Well, to begin with, I have a finish -  Paint Splash. I shared some pictures of it in progress last time.

This donation quilt is 59" by 66". 

I used Finesse #3285 Light Wool 40-weight thread for the quilting.

The motif is a free-motion horizontal stipple and I added stars, swirls, hearts, and leaves for interest.

The backing is from my stash.

Ray is doing well and has learned to not be an over-achiever; he had a little set-back from too much exercising. He is walking better and doing more each day. We've also learned that he shouldn't expect his new normal for 6-12 months.

Ray was with me when I saw my Bone Health doctor. They had quite the conversation since the doctor had his knee replaced 3 months prior to Ray! 

I'm doing well. My daily shots for bone health are done and I will have an infusion in the near future that should stabilize my bone density for a year or longer. That will be ongoing for a few years. My bone density increased more than 6% during the last year giving me some really strong, dense bones. 

I am gaining strength and walk a few thousand steps each day. It's hard to believe that last fall I averaged less than100 steps a day one week. Last week I averaged over 7,000 steps a day. Every week gets better and I'm beginning to add more exercises. My stamina is still a work in progress but getting better. One day last week I cleaned my closet - that's the first extra thing I have done and I'm working my way through a list of things I want to do. (Quilting is NOT an extra thing; it is a necessary thing!)

We've enjoyed watching some of our grandsons participating in ballgames, soccer matches, and a track meet recently. We also took a 'hike' a few days ago at Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve. We stayed on the paved path which made it easier for Ray. We enjoyed being outside in some open spaces and also enjoyed a picnic. It was a gorgeous day although a bit windy.

Next time we'll try some of the off-pavement trails.

Another day we met Ray's brother and his special friend at Grace's Place in Cascade, Iowa. We enjoyed a good lunch, some delicious pie, and a great visit. It is wonderful to finally be getting out and doing some things.

These blocks are currently on the design board. I still need to decide the actual layout.

I'm very grateful to feel well enough to quilt and/or sew almost every day. 


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