Thursday, September 17, 2020

My projects at the moment

In early May I only had two long term projects going, everything else was finished. One of those projects, Tiny Log Cabins, is done and now LOTS of other projects have been started.

I have 5 quilts in the to-be-quilted pile:

Irish Chain with Solids
has a red border.

Magic Star now has a white border, added since this photo.

I purchased a kit for a small flannel quilt a few years ago at a shop going out of business. Pink Puppies was fast to put together.

I began making some monochromatic string squares a while back, using four squares in a block. This past week, I made more squares and put the blocks together. Colored Strings is a finished quilt top.

Missouri Star Quilt Company's Rhombus Gemstones was fun to make. I used a Grunge jelly roll, Bella white, and MSQC's rhombus large template.

I have three quilts that are long term projects - they have small pieces. I'm making a dent in the tiny scrap bin!

Little Squares is still in progress.

There is Easy Breezy that I think I called Easy Peasy before. I have about 30 blocks done.

I began Aspen which was inspired by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts.

I'm also making a dent in slightly larger scraps. I started another Bonnie Hunter design, Basket Weave Strings, a few days ago.

I've been playing with Missouri Star's Circle Magic. I have a few 'blocks' finished.

I am still working with Christina Cameli's Pathway. Instead of the pillow that she demonstrated in the class, I am using the technique in a quilt.

I've also been knitting. I'm making Michelle Hunter's Building Blocks afghan and hoping to learn things along the way.

I also began a sweater for me - Petite Knit's Anker's Sweater.

And what would life be like without more masks?

Right now, I am enjoying making more than finishing so that's what I'll do! Who knows - there might be more starts before anything gets finished. A new pattern book is arriving today!

Note: Blogger still seems to have issues with font sizes so it is what it is.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Scrappy Blue is finished

At last I have a finish! I have many projects in various stages (post coming soon) but just this one finish. Scrappy Blue is a 58" square donation quilt.

I fussy cut the middle of every other blue square. The alternate blue squares are surrounded by a 3/4" wide piece of various scraps stitched together. The two youngest grandsons that live somewhat near us sewed most of those borders when they visited one day in July.

I used more scraps for the piano key border. It will make a good I-spy quilt for some young person.

I quilted this with Double Loop which is different from Double Bubble. I used 40-weight Isacord #3444 thread.

The back is a red fabric from my stash.

I still don't have the tension on my Juki perfect so I can't use a different color bobbin thread. One of these days, I'll work on tension...


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