Tuesday, October 19, 2021

At Last!

The wait is finally over. The blood tests, EKG, all the scans and x-rays are done. The weird saliva COVID test is done and negative. I've been giving myself daily shots to build up my bones for over 7 months. The back surgery is finally going to happen Thursday. I. AM. READY. I'm tired of the pain and the waiting. It's been over a year but the end is really in sight.

It will be a lengthy surgery and lots of precautions are being taken. Evidently in a 2nd surgery like I'm having, tears in the dura (one of membranes around the spinal cord) and infections are a higher risk. I had a tear in the dura the first time and am hoping not to have a recurrence. My surgeon has told me this surgery will not be as invasive as the one 10 years ago so I am optimistic that this will be somewhat easier.  He also is predicting my recovery time will be 3 - 6 months. Last time it was 1 - 5 years. In any event, the nerve pain will ease and I will be able to resume a more normal life. 

A normal life that includes quilting, travel, and hiking. 
Yes, I am ready!

Update on Ray: He is doing much better and will be a great support person. 


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