Friday, June 12, 2015

Think Outside

Think Outside - ignore the box!

We spent most of the day outside and it's been wonderful! We woke up to fog and cool temperatures. Eventually the fog lifted and the temperatures reached about 60 degrees.

We stopped at the Myrtlewood Factory store. Myrtlewood trees only grow in two places in the world. One is the Oregon/Northern California region. 

The next stop was at Tillamook Cheese. After the self-guided tour and some great taste-testing, we bought cheese of course! and were on our way. 

We headed north on the Pacific Highway.
View from an overlook
Interesting cloud bank from an overlook
Some driving was along water. Some was on the cliffs with the overlooks. And some was through trees.

We stopped at Center Diamond, a fabric store in Cannon Beach. I really did restrain myself - I wanted some of everything! I walked away with 3 pieces of fabric - a Philip Jacobs, a Brandon Mably, and a Kaffe Fassett. One of these days I'll post photos of my treasures.
Center Diamond quilt shop
We were on the beach at various times - it was cool and windy but a gorgeous day. 

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
We went to Ecola State Park just north of Cannon Beach.
Can you see the moss on the trees?
The tide was out and just starting to come back in.
Beach at Ecola State Park
On beach at Ecola State Park
Ecola State Park - I love the rock with the hole
Better view of the rock with the hole
Beach at Ecola State Park - tide pools
We went back to Cannon Beach and just happened to stop by Coastal Yarns, a great little yarn shop! Yes, one of these days I need to share my treasures - this one is an Oregon yarn that is hand-dyed.
Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach
Tonight's dinner was homemade soup in the slow cooker from dehydrated food that I brought along. It was so good after the cool day. Then we walked the 1/2 block to our beach and watched the sunset.

Rockaway Beach sunset


  1. What a lovely day you had! Your photo's are stunning. Thanks for letting us 'join' you on your trip with them.

  2. Fabulous photos! You are definitely having a wonderful adventure. The Tillamook Cheese Factory (I love their white cheddar!) was as far north as we got when we visited Oregon. I desperately wanted to go to Cannon Beach, but as I said previously, we were traveling with my sisters and my dad, so we weren't able to choose the itinerary. :-( Someday I'd like to go back and see the sights we had to miss previously.

  3. What beautiful views you found along the way! I've always wanted to see the Northwest coast. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos!



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