Saturday, June 13, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

We spent a lazy day on our anniversary. Forty-five years ago, after getting married, we moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to our first home together. It never occurred to us that many years later we would be celebrating our marriage on the other coast.

We walked around our little village and visited all of the shops - that would be way less than 10. We did find some freshly picked, local raspberries at the grocery store - they were wonderful. 

We also bought some dark honey - we've never seen it before but Richard at the Birdhouse/Glass Shop said it was the best! 
Birdhouse and Glass Shop

We walked on the beach - there was a misty haze and the wind wasn't as strong. It was a gorgeous day to be outside.
The Mes liked the water

See the haze?

The Mes played in the sand and built a castle
We bought dinner at The Old Oregon Smokehouse here in Rockaway Beach - deep fried halibut, french fries, and slaw. It was delicious!  We also got some smoked salmon to eat tomorrow. We were going to drive about 15 miles to eat but between the weekend and the season just beginning (schools just got out this week), there is lots of traffic. 

By bringing dinner home, we actually got to see the Chicago Blackhawks play and WIN - the game was finally on a channel we get!

It's been a great day! Tomorrow we move down the coast.


  1. Glad you got to see the Hawks win. Just one more, right? Yum - halibut! Sometimes getting carryout is the best option. Especially since it meant you got to see the game. Happy belated anniversary!

  2. Glad that you and Ray had a gorgeous day to celebrate your 45th Anniversary! That Birdhouse and Glass Shop really looks cute. The beach there at Rockaway looks fantastic! I really missing walking on the beach.

  3. Sounds like a perfect anniversary topped off with a win by your team! Congrats.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Go Hawks! Hopefully they will WIN on Monday!



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