Saturday, June 20, 2015

Whoa! That's a cattle drive coming at us.

Friday morning we were on our way to Crater Lake National Park. Up ahead, we saw 4 motorcycles stopped with a person on a 4-wheeler.  As we got close and stopped, the cowgirl on the 4-wheeler told us we would need to wait and be quiet. We could see the cattle coming toward us. She said the cattle would turn into the field just up the road from us.

That's our vehicle - the 4 motorcycles are right beside where I'm standing and taking the photo. People got out of their cars to watch.

Here they come! See the dust.

They are getting closer.

And then the entire herd went into the wrong field! The cowboys, all on horses, and their dog got the herd back on the road and headed in our direction. 

All of a sudden they stopped - probably due to the motorcycles, cars, and people. Then they started moving fast – the word stampede came to my mind. I looked to see how far I was from the car. However, the first cowboy got ahead of the herd and turned one cow into the right field and the rest followed through a cloud of dust. 

The cowboys waved as we passed by.

I’ve seen drives before – I am always a little fascinated watching them. Ray is to a point but not so much after driving through a lot of manure - he so wanted a car wash!


  1. I guess I read your posts out of order because the comment about finding a car wash makes sense now. ha! I've never seen a drive and would have been totally fascinated. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us ... now I can say that I've "seen" one.

  2. I don't blame him for wanting a car wash! LOL



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