Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

We are busy!!! We are working 40 hours a week - my Census job will probably end next week but my standardized test grading job begins tomorrow! As of early this morning, I have earned enough $$ for 2 Medicare Quarters - only 2 more to go this year!

This past weekend our plans changed at the last minute so we were home. We spent Saturday visiting Mom, visiting a friend in the hospital (she was in a really bad accident 2 weeks ago), and going to a party for our favorite Soldier Guy - Great Nephew Steve! Steve is home on leave from Fort Sill, OK. It was nice to see him (although we didn't get to talk with him enough!). Here he is giving me "The Look"!

There were a number of other Greats at the gathering.
Great Niece Jess,

Great Nephew Jake,

Great Nephew Cooper,

Great Nephew Charles,

and Great Nephew Ben.

And we finally met Steve's little sister, Maggie No.

We really had a nice time.
We are looking forward to this weekend and the 2nd Annual Mackfest. Yep, Grandson Mack will be 2 on Thursday and the celebration is Saturday.
And in about a month, Brad, Sheila, Grace, Jackson, and Colter will be arriving.
Busy, busy, busy ..... we are definitely not bored!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

35th UW Varsity Band Concert

Every year, some friends get tickets for the UW Spring Concert and we are fortunate to be included! On Friday night, eight of us traveled to Madison, had dinner at Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company in Fitchberg, and then went to the Kohl Center on the UW campus for the concert. For the first time, our seats were not on the 2nd or 3rd level. We were on the main level but in row CC. So we figured we'd be near the top of the main level - wrong! We were down in front of row A. In fact, we were the second riser off the floor. Just high enough to see above everyone seated on the floor. I'm not sure there were better seats in the house!

Director Mike Leckrone is really a character - he has been with the UW band for 35 years. He is shown here with one of the guest performers, Randy Sabien (whom we happen to know!).

Also performing were The Cat's Pajamas, a vocal band based out of Madison.

Mike Leckrone flew into the concert in a lawn chair attached to balloons. Late in the concert, he flew over the audience, now a tradition.

It was a great performance and a wonderful evening. We wonder how Wayne and Sandy are going to top these seats next year!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We are a little boring ...

The highlights of the past couple of weeks are: having lunch with Aunt Helen and Easter. I am working 40 hours/week and it is really cutting into my play time! I like working in Colorado better - no other obligations, a chef, and the Rocky Mountains! Actually my Census job is going well - I have seen some incredible houses, some fantastic scenic views, some really weird roads, and 1 red fox and 10 deer. As of 10 AM yesterday, I have earned enough for one Medicare quarter! Only 3 quarters to go this year. Ray hasn't worked too much. Evidently there isn't much Quality Control work yet - it will probably pick up one of these days.

It was really fun to see Aunt Helen - I just never get to see her enough. She is getting ready to move further away and is busy packing so I am really happy that she took the time to have lunch with us.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doll pajamas

We called Grace last night and left a Birthday Message. When she called back to thank us for her gift, I said I hoped she liked it and she said she LOVED it! As we were talking, she said she planned to take her new doll to bed with her and had taken the doll's shoes off. Then she asked about pajamas. I didn't make any pajamas!!! I talked about it but didn't do it! It is now on my to do list!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Special Project

Happy Birthday Grace!!!!!

Granddaughter Grace is 5 years old! We wanted to do something special so we bought an 18" doll and I began sewing.

Grace needs a tote bag to keep everything in:

and the bottom says it is hers!
Of course the doll needed a quilt and a pillow with a couple of pillow cases.
And she definitely had to have a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
We thought a little jumper, shirt, and leggings would be nice.
And a three little outfits that coordinate with each other.

Every doll needs a dress-up dress.
And a cowgirl outfit sounded like fun - shirt, vest, skirt, and boots!

Then I added a reversible poncho in case it gets cool outside.
Every girl and doll needs a variety of purses.
I only made one hat but with Velcro, there are a variety of looks.

And Ray had this great idea so I came up with this outfit with two looks - a Cubs cheerleader!

We hope Grace loves her gift and enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

One full week of work down - ?? to go

Well, the first full week is in the books! My team finally got to go out in the field Friday. My partner and I were somewhere in the country in Ogle county. It was neat to use the GPS on my hand held computer. Our work went well and we "graduated" so we begin solo on Monday (if the weather isn't too bad). Our team leaders bought pizza and ice cream on Friday which was really nice! The only complaints I have are the alarm clock every morning and too little quilting time. The plus side - I will get most if not all of my quarters for Medicare and I may get rich from my mileage checks!

Ray finished today. They were out in the field as a whole team. He will begin solo when there is work to verify (so teams like mine have to get busy!).

I spent today visiting my mom and sister-in-law Annie. Annie had her hip replaced Monday and is in a rehab center for a few days. I can't believe how well she is doing!


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