Monday, January 29, 2024

How can it be the end of January???

Most of a month has passed since I've written and I've kept busy. First, we've had some wicked weather with many inches of snow,
which is finally melting and our biggest problem now seems to be morning and nighttime fog.

The weather has been a great reason to stay home whenever possible. I've been doing a little cleaning in the basement each day and I've been quilting quite a bit. I have piles again - quilts to be quilted and quilts to be bound. Life feels normal again!

I do have two small finishes; both are donation quilts. Both quilts began with panels from my late friend Colleen's stash. The first, Ahoy is a 30" by 36". Although it is small, I think it will be a nice blanky for some child. 

I quilted a meandering stitch using #32975 light turquoise 40-wt Glide thread. The back is a turquoise water print.

The second finish, Junior Safari, is 39" by 48".

The animals are cute and I love the browns and blues together.

I also quilted this with a meandering stitch. I used light tan #24695 40-wt Glide thread. The back is a brown print which is also from Colleen's stash.

I had this 1/2 yard bundle from Colleen's stash and decided to find a project or two. 

The tops - all three of them - are now waiting to be quilted. Here are sneak peaks. You may figure out that after fussing a little with the first, I then used up the fabric making the last two.

The green square with red leave on the right below is pieced as is one other block. It was fun to use all of the fabric!

On my drawing table is a hockey quilt. I've done lots of planning and I still have a little fabric to gather. Hopefully I'll have pictures to show soon.

Monday, January 8, 2024

It's time to sew!

 Happy New Year!

I ended the old year and began the new year with lots of cleaning out - as in my fabric stash, fabric scraps, fabric orphan blocks, fabric strings... A few days ago we delivered 5 garbage bags and 4 boxes to a place local to us where some ladies make donation comforters and quilts. I delivered 2 small boxes to them earlier. They were happy to get the fabric and I'm delighted to have things cleared out. I do not like clutter so all is good. 

I have a quilt on the frame of my longarm ready to quilt. It's a panel with borders. I did all of the stitching with my serger using a chain stitch. I just had to try it and it worked extremely well. I thought there might be a bump where the stitches are but there isn't! 
The stitching

The back of the stitching

I'm slowly assembling a scrap quilt. 

It sounds like we are in for quite the winter storm tonight and tomorrow. We had almost 5" of snow a week and a half ago and it sounds like this next storm might be even more snow with strong winds.
A week and a half ago

I think we'll have chili to eat tomorrow and it's already made. So bring on the snow - it's time for to sew!


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