Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Short Version:

Surgery went well with one complication. I am improving!

Long Version:

Surgery was October 21 and all went well with my back. The main problem after surgery was my left leg. Evidently the surgery was very hard on my leg. Hammers, mauls, drills,..., were used and evidently irritated the nerves and muscles in my leg. It happens. When I woke up after surgery, I could not move my left leg but was told to have patience.The pain in the leg was astronomical and the narcotics began along with a variety of other problems such as vasovagal syncopes (fainting spells). Ugh! 

October 25, late in the day, I came home with Ray, my fantastic caregiver. Ray suggested I leave the phone and the electronics alone for a while. (I think he actually told my friends and family to not call or text for a while.) He was definitely right. I really didn't need interruptions to my rest.

Yesterday, 11/9/21, I had all 32 staples removed from the 10” incision in my back and it is doing great. My leg is better but has a ways to go. My medical team is optimistic that it will recover fully given time. Many of the additional problems are gone. The rest are being addressed.

I feel good at least part of most days. In general, my back feels good. The 10-year old hardware in my back was removed, some replaced, and some new hardware added. I'll hopefully begin therapy in December and in a few months, maybe I'll be near normal again.  

I am wearing a brace and use a walker. I am working at getting more steps each day and also to "letting go of the walker" periodically. I still have restrictions and will for a few months so it limits what I can try to do. I am also slowly getting off of the meds which means I should need fewer naps.

So how do I spend my waking hours?

Well, I'm considering a free motion quilting frame. I don't have room for a longarm so I've been looking at other options. I think I'm zeroing in on the Grace Q-Zone Hoop Frame Pro. If you have recommendations, let me know. I've been watching videos and reading reviews. I won't order until I have a very clear head. 

I probably won't post much in the coming weeks since my focus needs to be on getting better, not quilting. But eventually, I plan to be back in the studio - I think touching fabric will help with this recovery!😉


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