Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello Oregon!

We left Idaho this morning and traveled southwest through Washington to the Columbia River and Oregon. Then we followed the Columbia River Gorge to Cascade Falls, Oregon. We'll spend a couple of nights here before heading to the coast. It is sunny today with a beautiful, clear, blue sky and it is VERY warm. At one point the temperature was 101°. It was easier not to look anymore! We have a good Internet connection here so earlier posts will upload.

I was amazed at the various terrains we saw.
Very dry, canyon-like areas
Areas that were farmed in the middle of dry areas 
More terraces
Columbia River
Lots of green trees

We could see Mt. Hood for miles.

The Blackhawks game should be on in about a half an hour - we plan to watch this one!


  1. I was watching it too! Sorry your team lost =) Great pictures. The terraces remind me of riding through parts of Europe.

  2. Sorry that your Hawks lost. I'd like to see them win ... for your sake, for our neighbor's sake and because it would be too galling to see Ben Bishop hoist the Cup (sorry, Deb A). We drove out to Multnomah Falls when we visited Portland ... I would have liked to have gone further east along the Columbia River Gorge, so I'm enjoying your pictures.

  3. Hope the Blackhawks play better tonight. We need to tie this thing up.



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