Saturday, March 9, 2024

Time Passes

This finish happens at the perfect time since we turned our clocks ahead 1 hour late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I began this quilt in late December after reading a fictional quilting story that used a similar pattern. They used light with dark hourglass blocks of an unknown size, no sashing and arranged the dark triangles alternating between horizontal and vertical. I decided to use all kinds of scraps (I was definitely in scrap clean-out mode) and decided my quilt needed sashing. Time Passes is donation quilt measuring 51" by 53".

Here's a closer photo.

I quilted this with spiral loops using Glide #17443 Bone thread on the back and #80607 Lemon Ice on the top. 

The back is colored circles which was in my stash. Whenever I'm fabric shopping, I look at the wide backings. If there is something I don't often see or that I think I will use, it might come home with me. It's nice to have a good option in my stash.

I laundered the quilt and took photos. Then I saw a four spots where colors had run. Now the quilt has been laundered again   after I treated the spots with Dawn detergent and all is well.

Be sure to set your clocks ahead!

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Finshes, Two-Coloured Mystery, Hockey Quilt

I have a couple finishes. I think this is the end of the panels from my late friend Colleen.

Bright Animals is 39" x 46". I wasn't sure what to do with this panel and I didn't seem to have anything to use for a border so I just added a back and quilted it with Glide Steel Blue #38201 thread on the front and Bone #17443 on the back.

I quilted this donation quilt with a meandering motif. 

The back is from my stash.

ABCs is another donation quilt and finished at 37" by 49".

I used light turquoise #32975 Glide thread to quilt this with a loop de loop design. I did figure eights on the ends. 

The back is a multi-colored pattern from my stash.

The second clue of the Two-Colour Mystery came out this morning. Joanne gives some tips each week. This week she talked about checking for an exact seam allowance. I hadn't stopped and checked mine for a while so I checked this morning. All's good!

This clue was easy and the pieces went together quickly. I have everything finished for the week but of course, I'm only making a lap size quilt. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow.

Now I'm drawing some diagonal lines on a few pieces - Joanne said we could get a head start on some future weeks since this clue was a faster one. If you still want to join, click here or type in You need to sign up before April 11 to get all of the clues for free.

Work is progressing on the hockey quilt. Bet you can't guess the favorite hockey team! The letters are all pieced from my own patterns. My requirements were 1) each letter finishes at 4"x7" and 2) all parts of the letter are 1" wide.  

It took a little work to make the B and the W. And then it took a lot of work and chocolate to make the K and the S. I'm so glad they all look okay (at least they do to me!).

My plan is to have the words on the sides and ends of the quilt. The top will be a hockey rink. I have my plans drawn to scale and I now have all the fabrics, I think. Guess it's time to begin on the rink...

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Hello March and a New Mystery Quilt Along

It sure doesn't seem like March with temps in the 70s today although it's been very windy. 

I've done some quilting. This quilt top is now finished. If I had a back, it might be on the frame.

This quilt top is finished and I recently bought some backing. I just need to put it on the frame and quilt it.

I began a Mystery Quilt - I think I mentioned it in my last post,
Leap Into the Two-Colour Mystery Quilt-AlongJoanne, of Canuck Quilter Designs, has released the first clue and everything is very clear and easy to follow. It's not too late to sign up. If you are interested. the link is here. The first clue came out on Leap Day and we've been asked not to release any measurements so I covered my cutting mat with white fabric to show some of my cut pieces. This is a two color quilt so now you know what my two fabrics look like; I guess my two colors are blue and multi-colored!

I've finally started a Chicago Blackhawks quilt. This has been in the works for some time but It's taken a while to assemble the various fabrics. I began with making the letter C. The 34 letters on the front of the quilt will be pieced and 6 of them are 'C'. It's an easy letter to piece and is black on red.

I'm hoping to make lots of progress in the next month.


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