Saturday, February 23, 2019

A quilt named 2X4

I finished 2X4. When I began this quilt, I made a unit with 2 1/2" squares that was 2 squares by 4 square. Since then I have referred to this quilt as 2X4. This is the second quilt that I wasn't sure about taking to the Children's hospital but my young friends (high school and college age) that were here in late December convinced me that some child would love it. 

I saw a picture a while back and this is kind of what I remember with my own modifications. I decided on the quilt to use some of my 2 1/2 inch squares. You know I have plenty of them! The quilt is 56" by 64". The back is the same color as the border but a different fabric.

I free motion quilted a meandering motif with #2326 beige Aurifil thread on the top and #2784 blue Aurifl thread on the bottom. In the border I used blue instead of beige on the top. I recently learned that stippling and meandering are the same motif except stippling is small and meandering is large. I always thought they were the same. Anyway, this is definitely meandering. 

This is the last quilt that was on my January list to finish! There are a few  UFOs around here that I am using as leader/ender projects. In January there were zero quilts on the donation pile and now there are 11! I hope to add at least 5 more before we leave on a trip in May. I find that I don't get as much quilting time in the summer so I want to finish as many quilts as possible early in the year. I do have 9 quilts started and most of them are kitted. I have a retreat coming up and I'm ready. Here are some sneak peeks of the some of the upcoming projects:
ice cream cones
blue scraps
red and white 2 1/2" squares

I have been refolding all of my fabric and putting a few pieces in a donation pile. I am over half done and it's amazing how much better everything fits into the drawers. I have to keep plugging away at this job - it isn't as much fun as sewing.

We had SUN on Thursday so I went with Ray on a photo shoot. Here are a couple of my pictures.
Hyde's Mill

Hyde's Chapel

The sun didn't stick around long and we had freezing rain last night with rain all day today. Our temperatures have been between 31 and 33 degrees all day. Tomorrow we are expecting strong winds. And...there is another storm coming so I'll just keep sewing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bright Stars

I finished Pink and Turquoise Star in January. You may recall that quilt:

 Bright Stars is the same design but it looks very different. 

This 58" square quilt is a donation quilt. When I quilted this, I used Aurifil #2600 silver thread on the top and Aurifil #2784 blue thread on the bottom. I used quilting rulers to quilt straight lines. In a few spots, I used a walking foot. I quilted diamonds 2" apart in the areas with color and in the white areas, the diamonds are 1" apart.

The backing on this quilt is Basic Grey seeing stars by Moda in blue.

Well, we got snow and freezing rain last night but not as much as predicted. Yay! The next storm is predicted for Saturday and we are to have sun tomorrow!!! I may need to get outside for a while.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories is finished really early or a little late. I think I'll go with really early!😊 I found a fabric panel which I almost never buy when I was on a little shop hop with a friend last fall. I really liked the pictures so I bought a kit. I didn't care for the pattern that came with the kit but thought the kit would give me fabrics that all went well together. When I got home and looked closer at the kit, I found that I really didn't care much for the choice of fabric so I searched my stash and came up with something I liked better. They had a different fabric in each 'plain' area and it was too much of a hodgepodge for me.

Christmas Memories
In addition to the panel, I did use one piece of fabric that was in the kit; the wreaths in the border were on the edge of the wreath fabric I used for part of the backing.

This 48" by 59" quilt will live with us. I used Aurifil #2600 silver thread to free motion quilt open feathers all over this quilt.

I'm looking forward to more quilting tomorrow - the next storm is supposed to move in about 3 hours from now...

Friday, February 15, 2019

The column quilts are done and so is my sweater

The last column quilts are done. Orange Columns and Medium Blue Columns  join Blue Columns and Yellow Columns.  

Orange Columns is 50" by 56". This donation quilt is quilted with a walking foot. I sewed horizontal lines 2" apart using #2784 blue Aurifil thread.

I cut a strips off of the side and bottom edge so I had enough for the binding. I still ended up 6" short so I used some 2 1/2" squares to make the binding long enough. 

The back is blue grunge fabric. 

Another donation quilt, Medium Blue Columns is 56" by 58". I used a length of fabric for each quilt and this was the shortest piece. 
Oops I should have flattened this on the floor. 
The back is the same blue grunge fabric that I used on a couple of the others. It looks different colors depending on the light. I think I might have enough of this fabric for another back unless I decide to use it in a quilt. 

Using Aurifil #2730 blue thread, I machine quilted this with horizontal straight lines every 2", 2", 2", 1/2", 2", 2", 2", 1/2"... I didn't have enough medium blue for a binding so I thought this stripe would be fun. Now I wish that I had put a 'wild' binding on each of the Column quilts.


I finally finished my Norwegian sweater. 

I had to buy buttons and with our weather, it took a couple of weeks for me to get to a store. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to like the neck detail but I do. I'm very happy with the way this sweater turned out.


Our weather outlook is more snow. The ice storm last week was horrid but the scenery was nice on a sunny Saturday morning.
The ice coated trees and grass glistened in the sun.
We've had heavy, wet snow and wind this week added to the ice from the ice storm. The kids missed more school. One even told me that he is bored with snow days this year! We have more storms predicted in the coming week. Will it ever end? 

At least I'm making progress on the pile of quilts  that I wanted finished. Only 3 to go and all of the tops are done. One needs quilting, and two need the binding hand sewn. I'd make even better progress if I quit starting more quilts! 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Next finishes - Yellow Columns and Red White Table Runner

Do you recall the Blue Columns that I finished last month? I have three more two-column pieces so with one set, I made Yellow Columns. It looks a lot like Blue Columns! The straight line stitching with the walking foot is straight across this quilt rather than on a diagonal. The lines are still about 2" apart.
Some of the beautiful sunlight is coming through the curtains.
This donation quilt is 52" by 57" and quilted with 50-weight #1135 yellow Aurifil thread. The back is a blue grunge fabric that I picked up last month. I bought plenty to back a few quilts - it will show up again.


Since I finally bought some Dawn dish soap for the red bleeding on  Squares on Cream, I decided I would work on this table runner. It looks much better but not great. At least it's for me and I can strategically place items on it. I began this as a quilt MANY years ago. When I pulled it out many months ago, I decided I didn't want to finish it - it had lots of problems. Ray suggested I make it into a table runner. It is 54" by 17" and I backed it with some red fabric that I thought was colorfast. That piece of fabric seems to be the evil red in this house! I guess I can say that Red White Table Runner is finally done.

I free motion quilted the table runner with simple flowers in the white spaces and lazy eights in the red/white areas.

I used white Aurifil thread that looks rather pink in places.


Our weather is still weird but the sun has been out some today and the temperatures are just above zero although the wind chill is not. This weekend we will see 3 of our grandsons play hockey. It's been a real hassle getting to games this session due to the weather. We don't try to make all of their games but we do enjoy seeing some. I'm not sure if this is the 5th or 6th week and we have yet to see Grandson G play. More snow is predicted for Sunday so it looks like it will be another great week to quilt!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Blue Camel, donuts, and crazy weather

We've been staying pretty close to home. We are getting some type of weather warning almost daily. Last week began with snow - lots of snow. Then Tuesday and Wednesday were very cold. We had close to -60 degree wind chills and we broke all-time records for cold. On Friday we took my Jeep to be serviced and it felt almost 100 degrees warmer! It was a balmy 40 degrees and we had flood warnings. The temperatures on the weekend were decent but it was extremely foggy. Last night we had an ice storm. And would you believe we are getting another one as I write this. Crazy weather!

I've been quilting and knitting and baking and cooking. Oh, and don't forget the exercising - that's the way my day begins and it is working well.  Today was my first attempt at making baked donuts! The recipe made 6. These are the 2 that are left (remember only 2 people live here) so they aren't bad! And I will definitely be exercising in the morning. I only made half of the glaze and think that could have been cut down more. 

I finished this donation quilt that I named Blue Camel. It's not my usual bright colors but some trusted young ladies told me they liked it and I needed to finish it for the Children's Hospital. 

I used leftover blue and camel colored pieces from different jelly rolls. It's about 46" by 56 1/2". I think this view shows the dimensions better.

I free motion quilted this with a loopy pattern using 50-weight Aurifil thread - #2523 beige on the top and #2784 navy on the bottom.

The back is navy.

I am making lots of progress on my list of UFOs. I think three quilts just need binding sewn down. I have one ready to quilt and two that need a little work before they are sandwiched. 

SO... I started a couple of new quilts! I think that is normal, right??? My drawer with kids prints is very full and I decided to make a couple of quilts to use up some of them. So I have a couple of simple quilts in mind and have done a little cutting and sewing.

Sounds like tomorrow will be ice and sleet with a high chance of quilting.


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