Thursday, May 26, 2011

A couple of small projects done!

A couple of projects are done! Both were kits that I had put together before my surgery leaving the hand work. It feels good to have some things completed!

The snowman's sign says "Let it Snow".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wildlife Right in Town!

Just sitting here tonight after dinner, watching TV and looking out the back of the house... I said to Ray "I think a deer just ran through our backyard!" He looked at me like I was still in that fog! I went to the back porch but could see nothing. Ray looked out a north window and would you believe there was a young doe in a neighbor's yard eating tree branches!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update - 1 month!

Four Weeks! Hurray I'm moving forward!

Everything is slow but going in the right direction. I am working on giving up the walker in the house. I am walking further outside - oh I would love some great weather! I can focus on things longer. I still need lots of rest.

We had a bump in the road this past week. I was sick with flu like symptoms all Saturday night. Then I had what appeared to be a broccoli allergy reaction on Sunday night but I didn't have any broccoli. The reaction was not pretty but Ray handled everything. So yesterday, the surgeon said to stop all pain medications immediately. The doctor covering for my primary doctor started doing tests. So far we don't know much but my money is on those narcotics. After reading more about the side effects, I won't be surprised if that is the culprit. I don't do well with a lot of meds so I'm really glad they are gone! The only problem is we are back to only Tylenol for pain. Oh well... I do feel better!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update - Week 3

I am 3 weeks out of surgery and I know I am getting better!

My mind is clearing and my healing is on a very slow but steady path. I am slowly tapering off of the narcotics.  I am still very dependent on Ray. I still rest a lot but I seem to be awake more. I move around the house easier and have taken a few steps without the walker. I think I have a temporary case of ADD - I don't keep at any task very long!

Today I broke the rule of being home-bound. We went to Ray's dad's house for about 3 hours. We are helping him to sort things so he can eventually move. It was so nice to do something useful for a change! Of course, I'm paying for the 'fun' this afternoon with a little extra pain.

And I just keep praying for more patience ...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just wondering

Ok, I have lots of time to think while I sit and/or lie here healing. The lady that writes one of the blogs that I follow just got a GO! Baby. So which is better accuquilts GO! or GO! Baby? I'm thinking it's time for a new gadget!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update - Week 1

A number of you asked for updates so I will try to post some from time to time.

I am a week plus a couple of days out of surgery. It hasn't been easy.

The trip home from the hospital was hard. Then it took three days before I realized that lying on our couch was making me hurt more! So I can only lie down on our bed. Hopefully I'll be able to lie on the sofa on the screened porch. The piece of furniture cannot be low or soft. Our new chair works great.

I don't like being dependent but I am learning. I can do a few things by myself. This morning Ray helped me get up and get my brace on. He has gone back to bed. I am sitting and can maneuver the bedside table to be in front of me. The computer was already on the table. I  also have access to the TV and a book. I can get up with my walker and walk around the house. I am able to get water from the fridge. I think it is better not to list the things I cannot do!

The pain this week has been unreal. The nerves are beginning to wake up - OUCH! The nerves were stretched, bruised, and purple - I think that translates to lots of nerve pain! You know how it feels to have your foot go to sleep and then wake up? Well multiply that by 1000 or so and make it continual - it just doesn't go away. I have also begun to feel the pain of my left hip where the bone was harvested. I am on  narcotics around the clock. They doubled the night dose on Thursday and it has definitely helped my sleeping. I can double either of the other two doses but I'm not sure I will. I think we'll just wait and see for now.

I know I am still somewhat groggy. Knitting and crocheting aren't working too well. I haven't tried any quilting.

My brother lent me a heavy, big old walker - I laughed at it. And now I love it! It is sturdy and turns within its own space. I walk 5 minutes at least 3 times a day. I love being outside and walking in the driveway. The only problem is getting back into the house. Those 6 steps are very difficult. So most of my walks are inside. On Thursday, we had visitors - grandsons Mack and Griffin and their parents. This is a picture of my best walk so far:


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