Monday, May 26, 2014

A finished quilt!

Last fall I bought a French General Jelly Roll at Quilt Camp. Using a Villa Rosa Design, Champagne,  I put together this quilt in February. 

I finally finished quilting it on May 10 and attached the binding on the 11th, the day before we went to Madison, WI, for Ray's surgery. That is the last time I've sat at my sewing machine! 

I finished hand sewing the the binding last week. The quilt is about 46" X 64".

I quilted the quilt with feathers - I haven't had time to do much machine quilting so it's far from the best but it's ok. The feathers are about three strips wide going in opposite directions.

The backing coordinates nicely with the top.

Ray's recovery is going well. It also keeps me busy. Most days I try to sneak a nap since we are up some every night with him changing locations. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We are so blessed.

Great News today - they got clear cells around Ray's cancer. It appears that they got it all!

We went to University Hospital at UW-Madison sort of expecting to stay. Things took a definite downhill turn for Ray in the last couple of days. It hasn't been fun.

Anyway, we are delighted with the report AND to be able to return home today.

Thanks for all of the prayers, the concerns, and the encouragement. We are very blessed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


It is SO NICE to be home. The trip was long, hard, and tiring for Ray. Sitting in one position riding over SO MANY bumpy roads wasn't fun. He did get a 'double dose' of pain killers before we left the hospital. He'd been getting a lighter dose for pain (actually 1/2 dose) and it was decided that the higher maximum dose would be smart for the trip.

Right after walking into our house, Ray said "What is that noise?". It was coming from the basement so I went downstairs and found a very noisy dehumidifier with its  little monitor saying to clean the filter. I took it apart and couldn't find the filter. DS Brent arrived just a minute or so later and tore it apart again and reached up inside. Whew! I didn't want to turn it off but I also didn't want it to burn up. Then I walked by a bathroom and couldn't figure out another weird noise. I was looking down and Brent looked up - the atomic clock needed a new battery. That fix I could handle! So glad Brent came to help - I was grateful for his help moving some heavy stuff but maybe even more grateful for ending the weird noises!

We are unpacked. Dinner is over. Ray's taken a number of walks around the house. Now we are both sitting and resting. It's been a tough day for Ray. I'm hoping things will start getting better for him tomorrow. Just being home feels SO GOOD

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Recovery has begun

Ray's surgeries went well yesterday. Thank you so much for the prayers and positive thoughts.

Last night and today weren't the best for Ray. He has a tremendous amount of pain when he bends to sit or stand. Both surgeries were abdominal so he has a double whammy. We thought he would probably be released from the hospital tonight but he's not quite ready. We hope he is discharged tomorrow.

At least the recovery and healing have begun. We won't know the pathology report for about a week. There's nothing we can do so we'll just wait and see.

Did I mention how great the doctors, nurses, and staff are at University Hospital at UW - Wisconsin? Once again we are more than impressed. It's a great blessing to have the people and a facility like this 'near' us. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Counting down is a lot of work!

The countdown to Ray's surgery has gone slow for us but we have stayed busy - very busy!

A little get away to Starved Rock State Park a week ago - hiking and taking photographs under cloudy and sometimes drizzly skies. 
One of many sculptures in the park.

A neat waterfall at the end of a canyon.

My favorite photographer. His photos are MUCH better than mine!
The errands are done. All decisions have been finalized for the kitchen redo. All painting in the house is done. The house is clean. The laundry is done. The yard is cleaned up, mowed and trimmed. The gardens all look great. The porch furniture has been painted. If I've forgotten something, I can assure you, it is done!

Ray's surgeries are Tuesday. He has made sure that EVERYTHING is done! In fact he has worked so hard that when the cancer surgeon is finished, a general surgeon will take over and fix the inflammation and/or hernias that have shown up with all of his work. 

We will head to Madison, Wisconsin, on Monday because Ray has to meet with the study team early Tuesday at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. He will finish his part in the cancer study at that time. His surgeries will be later Tuesday.

We are both looking forward to having this behind us. We pray that all of the cancer will be removed and that he will have a full recovery. 

Ray is busy mowing the yard one last time. My hay fever allergies have flared and I'm thinking about a nap. That would be relaxing!

I'm hoping you are all enjoying your day - 

Happy Mother's Day!


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