Saturday, June 20, 2015

Travel to Rocky Point at Klamath Falls, Oregon

Thursday morning, we left the Oregon Coast in cloudy weather and drove right into sunshine! We had an uneventful but beautiful trip to Rocky Point at Klamath Falls. After seeing lots of basalt (volcanic rock), I found out that the Klamath Mountains in southwestern Oregon are composed of volcanic rocks, which originally erupted under the ocean. Mystery explained!

We did pass by a controlled burn by the US Forest Service. It was actually on our right and the smoke did not affect the traffic.

Our cottage was very small but had everything we needed except wifi – an eat-in kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom with a washer and dryer. We didn’t have a bedroom but we did have a queen sleeper sofa and a queen Murphy Bed in the living room. We’ve never slept on a Murphy Bed before so, of course, we chose that.

The Mes checked out the Murphy Bed - it was still 'in' the wall.

When we lowered it, they all had to test it out!

The bed was quite comfortable and the cabin was cozy and comfortable.


  1. I've never slept in a Murphy Bed either nor have I even seen one. Glad that the Mes and you two enjoyed it. ;-)

  2. My sister has a Murphy Bed in two of her bedrooms. One is a bedroom and the other is her office.



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