Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beautiful Sun All Day! Wow!

We began the day at Heceta Head Lighthouse. We hiked up to the lighthouse and the views were gorgeous! 

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head State Park
Heceta Head State Park
Continuing south, we stopped in Florence at Wenz-daze Quilter's Emporium. It is a very small shop and the clerk was really nice. I just happened to find a couple of patterns!

We drove on to Coos Bay - the Oregon Sand Dunes National Park/ Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area was on our right all the way from Florence to Coos Bay. It was so windy that we didn't stop in the Dunes but it really was tempting to rent a dune buggy and spend the day!

Our first stop in Coos Bay was the Visitor's Center. Right across the street was the Wednesday Farmer's Market. Fun! I love Farmer's Markets! The first block was mostly crafts and miscellaneous; the second block was produce; and the third block was food ready to eat. We had lunch and brought strawberries home for dinner.

Next stop was Shore Acres State Park where there is a beautiful botanical garden. I won't bore you with ALL of my flower pictures. Ray has even more! Here are a few though.
Calla Lilies
There was a rose garden that was absolutely gorgeous.
Another rose
A  panoramic view of the main gardens.

Still in the park, we walked to the overlook of the ocean.
Overlook at Shore Acres State Park
Overlook at Shore Acres State Park
Ray was still taking flower pictures
Next stop was Cape Arago State Park.
Too bad I couldn't get a better picture - these rocks had sea lions all over. They were all barking!
View from Cape Arago lookout
It was time to head back 'home'. We did stop in Florence on the way and walked through Old Town. It was a fun place with some neat shops. I especially loved the tents with produce and the delicious samples of peaches, nectarines, and incredible caramel corn. We bought a few peaches for tomorrow.
Boats in Old Town Florence
Today we saw whales, sea lions, and eagles. What fun!

I wanted to share a picture of last night's sunset. Hopefully tonight's sunset will be just as gorgeous.
Sunset last night from the beach off of the 804 trail
Tomorrow we will sadly leave the Pacific Coast and head toward Crater Lake National Park. The cottage that we have rented there does not have WiFi so you won't here from us for a few days  but be assured that we will be enjoying ourselves...


  1. Do you have room for a Cape Bretoner in your car? I love seeing the places you travel much beauty in those pics! Keep enjoying the open road!

  2. Wow, more fabulous photos! And the memories that they bring back of our trip out ... we did make it down to Crescent City, CA to see some of the redwoods, then drove back up along I-5.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Crater Lake.

  3. I am totally loving your photos!!!!! It's so hard not to take tons of ocean, flowers, scenery pics when it all is so gorgeous!!! Enjoy your cottage and I look forward to the "catch-up" photos!!!!!! Be safe...............hugs................

    1. Thanks! I think I took 150 pictures in the gardens - but I have since deleted 80 or more. We are having a great time - felling blessed that we are able to do this trip. ~Jeanne

  4. Oregon grows beautiful roses - beautiful blue sky for you! Can't wait to see your photos of Crater Lake - guess you will need to find a Starbucks or something??

  5. Lovely pictures. Keep enjoying your trip.



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