Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cheticamp, Nova Scotia

We stayed at Year Round Vacation Rental in Baddack, Nova Scotia. It was very clean and very comfortable. The bedrooms, all three(!) of them, are small but sufficient. The apartment is right downtown above Tom's Pizza Parlor. The night we went out for pizza, we really went down for pizza - downstairs! We give this place 5 stars. We loved being able to walk everywhere - to the shops, the waterfront, the grocery store. We were right in the middle of everything.

Today was a travel day but we only traveled about one and a half hours to Cheticamp, NS. We drove north on The World Famous Cabot Trail.

We drove through lots of pine trees and some trees just getting their leaves

and saw hills

and water

and every so often, we'd see houses and barns.

It was gorgeous although my photos out the car window on a cloudy day don't do the area justice.

The houses on the left are on the Northumberland Strait.

We saw ONE wind turbine. It was much shorter than the ones we have in the midwest US.

As we entered Cheticamp, there were more houses.

Our rental is overlooking the harbor. This is a great apartment that we'd enjoy living in for a few weeks instead of a few days! These next photos are from our main floor deck.

looking left
looking straight
looking right
We have decks and patios in addition to all kinds of space. The bedrooms on the second floor have doors to the upper deck.  On the main floor, we have a main deck. A little below this deck is the grill deck and down further is the patio. Whew! 

We were here in time to have lunch on the main deck. In case you are trying to figure it out, we had carrots, celery, cheese, apples, peanut butter and water.

We took a walk but came back when a light rain began.  I took this shot - there is a small peninsula off the shore. I think this water is the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The water all runs into each other so I don't know the boundary lines - I'm just asking Google maps and believing what I read!

The light rain stopped and Ray spent a couple of hours on the main floor deck photographing all kinds of things in the harbor. So far, I've seen some fantastic shots of seagulls. When it began raining hard, he came inside. The Chicago Cubs game was on - we don't see many games so this was exciting! And the Cubs won.

We walked to dinner at Le Gabriel. We had hope to hear Acadian music but what we heard was an Acadian playing country music. At least he was good! We wanted to go out to eat and hear music tomorrow night on our anniversary but nothing is happening! The Roots to Boots festival is ending today and we wonder if that's the reason tomorrow is rather quiet. We think we've found somewhere to go Tuesday night to hear some music. 

Coming back from dinner was quite a walk. The wind is VERY strong now. Thank goodness it was a very short walk! We decided not to go anywhere in the car - we'll just stay put for the night. It's a good night to do a little knitting.


  1. If you like lighthouses, there's a small one on the end of that penninsula! And if you need to do a little shopping, don't miss Flora's. Ah, you're bringing back memories of our visit there a couple of years ago...... Have fun!

  2. Sounds like such a great time with wonderful pictures and descriptions. Both Baddeck and Cheticamp are communities we've been to many times. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

  3. I can imagine sitting on that deck, with a hand crank sewing machine, and stitching away.

  4. It sure sounds like you are really enjoying the peace and beauty you are finding! Thanks for all the lovely pictures.

  5. Happy Anniversary. Hope you found something special to do together.



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