Monday, June 20, 2016

We saw where it happened!

Miracles do happen! At least one did in 1980 in Lake Placid, NY. The Miracle on Ice with Team USA beating Team USSR in ice hockey and going on to win the Olympic Gold Medal. Do you remember? I do. That was the beginning of my interest in and love of ice hockey. So can you guess where we are?

We spent much of the day in Lake Placid. We 'live' just 16 miles away. We are big hockey fans and high on our list for today was to visit the ice arena where the miracle took place.

All of the team member's names were around the arena. We had the pleasure of meeting Bob Sutter about a month before his unexpected death in 2014.

Lake Placid is very much a tourist town - MANY shops, restaurants, and motels. It was fun to look around for a while but our beautiful, sunny day was also very warm so we headed on.

We visited High Falls Gorge where we knew the temperature would be a little cooler down in the gorge. It was very much a walk in the park 

except for the steps 

and I could not go out on those see through the bottom platforms. 

Crossing the bridges and the boardwalks that were fastened to the walls of the gorge were outside my comfort zone but I did it.

This is a gorgeous area with fantastic scenery.

This has been a fun day. Tomorrow we will travel back into Canada, spending the evening in a small town in Ontario.

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  1. I have that movie. How cool. I don't like those 'see thru' platforms either.



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