Sunday, June 19, 2016

New York

It's been a gorgeous, very warm day. Happy Father's Day to Ray! Our hosts in Maine served breakfast -

blueberry pancakes with a warm blueberry compote and a little maple syrup! And sausages, cantaloupe, orange juice, milk, water. Those blueberries were soooooo good! I love blueberries!

We were staying at Spacious Quiet 2BR in Country in Brooks, Maine. The yard, pond and gardens were very pretty. It's evident that Mary loves flowers. We're giving the place 5 stars - very clean and comfortable. It does not have a kitchen (which we knew when we rented it) but Mary does fix breakfast for you - very much like a B & B. We enjoyed visiting with Mary and Rich when we arrived and this morning.

Today we traveled across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Then we boarded a ferry 

and crossed Lake Champlain to New York.

It was a long travel day - probably too long. There were things we would have enjoyed stopping to do but we didn't feel we had the time. Next time we'll know!

We are in New York for a couple of nights now. We thought we might get a great sunset but it wasn't too spectacular.

Ray is figuring out our agenda for tomorrow. I know we won't be spending too much time in the car!


  1. I bet you were in heaven with that blueberry compote! What a beautiful breakfast nook! Enjoy New York!

  2. It's strawberry season there now... make sure to get some =) Love the ferry ride across the lake. Enjoy your day.

  3. Oh my, I'm drooling as I look at your blueberry pancake breakfast!

  4. You are close to my inlaws. They are visiting the Big Apple right now.



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