Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

Last night we did hear some great fiddle music; it was Celtic not Acadian but still good.

We've been staying in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia at Vacation Home on the Water in the Beautiful Acadian Region of Cheticamp, aka Harbour Escape. It is one of the nicest places we have ever stayed. It was super clean and had everything we needed. The 1/2 bath on the first floor with the laundry was great. Our bed was perfect. And the location was top rate! This is definitely a 5-star place! And we really enjoyed the small plate of chocolates left for us, too.

We expected rain and fog today and we got it. We packed the car in a mist and the rain began just minutes after we got on the road. With the heavy fog, we decided not to drive the Cabot Trail. As it was, we could see very little for the first part of our trip. When we left, the temperature was 8°C - a very cool 46°F. 

We stopped at a couple of lookoffs and I took a few shots.

There were two trucks that had student drivers.

I thought this bridge looked interesting until we had to cross it a few minutes later.

One more from the lookoff.

We saw some of the ferries in North Sydney. They were the largest ferries either of us has ever seen.

We checked into our rental, a private one this time. Then we headed to the Louisbourg Lighthouse. On the way we saw this boat loaded with lobster traps

and this interesting house. Looks like my thumb at the top - sorry.

We decided to hike the Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail which begins near the lighthouse.

I was hoping we didn't have enough fog for the fog horn to sound.

The hike was really just a nice walk unless you chose to go down on the rocks.

The scenery was gorgeous even on a cloudy day.

Our forecast for tomorrow is mostly to partly cloudy. We have a full day and evening plans so we are hoping for some good weather.

Our rental suite is on the water facing east-southeast; maybe we'll see the sunrise tomorrow morning ...


  1. You're having quite the adventure! How long are you in Nova Scotia? I was surprised to learn that the norther part is quite Celtic, and the southwest area is very French Acadian.

  2. What beautiful pictures, even under those cloudy skies! Glad you got a chance to hear some Celtic music!



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