Tuesday, June 7, 2016

One of THOSE days...

We got up to fog as we had expected. We then had mostly overcast skies today. 

When I checked one of our credit card accounts yesterday, there was a charge that we did not make to Target in Chicago. I tried calling the company but couldn't get through. This morning there were three charges to three different Targets in Chicago. I still couldn't get through to the company so I called my bank and they found the international number and called me back. I notified the credit card company before we left that we would be traveling - they have our entire agenda. Isn't it weird that they did not give me their international fraud number? Anyway that Master Card has been cancelled, you know, the one with the rewards. Yup one of those days! 

We drove through Mahone Bay on our way to Lunenburg, NS. What a pretty little town across the bay. I think there were 5 churches within a couple of blocks. 

In Lunenburg, I loved the different colors of the houses. 

The Bluenose was out; it has a new crew learning to sail it.  We did see the Theresa E Connor, Canada's oldest salt bank schooner. We saw lots of other vessels too.

After a lunch of fish and chips at the Fishing Shack, we walked and checked out many of the stores.

I enjoyed the yarns at The Mariner's Daughter and looked for something local. The best I could do was some Merino from New Brunswick - I bought one skein of poppy red for a pair of socks.

We worked our way to Indian Harbour and even found a place for Ray to get a haircut on the way. I was a little concerned because this host had not responded to two emails, one text, and one phone call in the past three days. We wanted to know the check-in procedure. Well we arrived and no one was around. There were fedex packages by the back door. No notes for us - nothing. We left and went on to Peggy's Cove. 

Even with the overcast skies, this is a neat place.

I've never seen a lighthouse on rocks like this.

And there were lots of rocks

in every direction.

As we walked down the road from the lighthouse, one of the fishing boats was unloading fish. We are guessing mackerel but we don't know.

Lots of boats were in.

It was time to return to the rental. Nothing had changed so we found a place to stay for tonight. I left one last phone message for the host before leaving the house. That meant no laundry facilities and no place to cook - ugh! . The rental looked great and the location was superb but I wouldn't give it 1 star. Yup, one of those days! 

We've been in touch with airbnb; they just called me from San Francisco and they are refunding all of our costs. 

The last few nights we've been at Millcreek Guesthouse in Blomidon, Nova Scotia; it is near Canning, NS. The house is many years old and was moved across the road 40 years ago. Then rooms and porches were added on. It is in a very rural area. The house is clean and comfortable but I don't think we'd choose to stay here again. All bedrooms are upstairs and the stairs are very steep and the stair treads are quite narrow. The only bathroom is on the first floor. The basement steps are worse that the upstairs steps. Our host suggested I not try getting to the laundry - my ankle is much better but not 100% yet. Neither of us went to the basement; we just didn't do the laundry but we should have! We enjoyed the quiet and we were right by the bay. This place is very child friendly if the kids can maneuver the stairs.

Tomorrow if the weather is good, we will go back to Peggy's Cove and then we hope to see some of Halifax. Not sure where we'll be sleeping but we're working on that. Maybe we could do a little laundry too.


  1. I sure don't like days like that but those colorful houses are stupendous!

  2. Sounds like some challenges today, but so glad you got to see Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, and Peggy's Cove-definitely highlights of anyone's visit to Nova Scotia! As for the weather, fingers crossed it will clear soon!

  3. Ugh! Having to deal with fraudulent use of your credit card is enough of a hassle when you're home, but when you're traveling? Ugh ugh ugh. And then add in the issues with your lodging ... what a day! Hopefully you'll have "smooth sailing" from here on out.

  4. Oh no. Hope you are able to find a suitable hotel with washing facilities. Glad you caught the credit card issue. Hope you day is better today.

  5. Not sure I'd have the courage to try Airbnb. I like to know what I'm getting into. Sorry about the credit card. Our CC company gave us their international number, when we traveled to Jamaica. Thank goodness we didn't need it.



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