Saturday, June 4, 2016

Us: 1 GPS: 0

We are in Nova Scotia! The sun broke through the overcast sky as we arrived.

We decided to take the scenic route along Cobequid Bay and Minas Basin which added LOTS of time to our trip but we enjoyed the sights. 

All of a sudden, or so it seemed, it was time for lunch and we were out of food. In the small village of Maitland, NS, we found the Frieze and Roy General Store, Canada's oldest general store. They have a little 'slow food' restaurant in the back, an ice cream shop, a laundromat, the convenience store, and more. The people were very nice and we enjoyed some grilled cheese sandwiches. They had a sign saying they had slow food - the service was very good.

Next stop was the historic Walton Lighthouse. It's not too tall and it was open so I climbed both flights of stairs to the top.

When I got up there, I realized I couldn't go outside so I took these three shots through the windows. It was fine that I couldn't go out - I was just going to be brave since this wasn't very high!

We talked with the lady at the lighthouse gift shop and asked where to find a large grocery store. She gave us some pretty good directions. We now have food!

All we had to do was find our rental. The GPS wouldn't take the address. I had directions from the website but one little thing was left out. We drove north on Highway 358 and never found our turnoff. But we did find the Look-Off. It's a panoramic view of part of the Annapolis Valley below. 

One of the girls who works at the Look-Off store/ice cream place was able to give us directions to get where we wanted to go.

So we have arrived at our new home. We are still on the Bay of Fundy but on a different side and out in the country. Our older house has four bedrooms and lots of nooks and crannies. The stairs are steep - guess Ray will be the one using the washer and dryer in the basement. We have LOTS of space! We've just spent most of the evening visiting with our host. 

In New Brunswick, we loved our stay in the Matthew's Head Suite at the Cliffside Suites. It was clean, spacious, and comfortable. The view from our suite was absolutely unbeatable. It is definitely a 5-star!

We aren't sure what we'll do tomorrow - guess we'll work on that now.


  1. Nova Scotia is on my "Bucket List".....Prince Edward Island is the specific place I had in mind to visit. Your photos are so lovely and that little light house is about right for me.....not fond of heights!!!!

  2. I love lighthouses and love to climb them ... I'm just not a fan of going out on the ledges. I take all my pictures from the windows or doorways. Ha! Lovely pictures you're sharing.



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