Friday, June 17, 2016

New Brunswick, take 2

We are once again in New Brunswick but this time, sadly, we are on our way home. It was hard to leave Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. We've heard that you may return home from Cape Breton, but your heart will never leave. I know Cape Breton definitely has a piece of our hearts. We can't wait to return!

The last couple of days we were in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, at  Point of View Suites. The location is perfect - right on the water, very close to the Fortress of Louisbourg and not far from the lighthouse. The place was clean and the staff was super. We did have a kitchen in our suite; although it was sparsely furnished, it all worked out fine.

Today we drove in sunshine! As we left Cape Breton Island, we stopped at the Museum and the Artisans Collective Gift Shop. It was fun to see all of the exquisite quilts and other items. I restrained myself and left with just a couple of small things.
That's one of Lesley's quilts on the wall behind us.
Ray also examined one of Lesley's quilts! The ladies should have told him no touching instead of encouraging him!

Look at the lovely blue sky! It's been cool today but beautiful. This is the Cape Breton Visitor Center taken from the Museum parking lot, across the rotary.

We are in Dieppe, New Brunswick this afternoon and tonight. Ray was delighted to watch the Cubs game on TV. Tomorrow we will continue on our way and change to Eastern Time.


  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time up in Canada.

  2. Aww, all good things must come to an end but I'm confident that you'll make the most of your trip home. Are you going to take a different route home? I see you've changed your header again ... I love it!

  3. I saw a lovely lighthouse print, and thought of you (it was a Boston Lighthouse). Glad you've had so much fun on your trip. Yes, going home can be bittersweet.

  4. I am so glad you had a chance to visit the shop! Even though I couldn't be there, it is a delight to know you had time to drop in. Tell Ray if you lived closer, I would ask you to do my machine quilting!



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