Monday, June 6, 2016

Inside day

Last night we had high wind warnings and then we had rain all night and much of today. It's still windy but not like it was earlier. The local lobster boats didn't even go out. Listening to the radio, it sounded like the wind caused some problems in Halifax.

Our host stopped by late morning to see if there was anything we needed; he was heading to the grocery store. He stayed and talked awhile. We both find that talking with him is quite interesting. 

It was a quiet day for us. We chose to just stay home and enjoy the view and a warm, dry house. 

I did changed the photo at the top of the blog. This was taken in Alma, New Brunswick, at the end of a full day of hiking and walking on the ocean floor. The view is the Bay of Fundy.

Tomorrow we will head towards Halifax. The forecast is for clouds but no rain. Who knows, the sun may shine...

1 comment:

  1. Love your new banner pic! A little rainy here in Cape Breton, so hope the sun shines in Halifax. There is a great museum down on the waterfront if you want to get indoors. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has an amazing collection and lots of info about the Titanic. Enjoy your day!



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