Tuesday, June 21, 2016

North Bay, Ontario

We are back in Canada. On this trip, we decided to avoid Montreal and Ottawa by going through Maine and New York. We aren't sure that was the best decision made last January but I'm really glad we got to see Lake Placid.

For the past two nights we were  in the Adirondack mountains at Adirondack Retreat in Wilmington, New York, another Airbnb rental. We had the carriage house apartment above the 3-car garage. Our host Greg lives in the house on the secluded acreage. He was very responsive to our questions and easy to work with. Our apartment was clean and comfortable. The kitchen had everything we needed/wanted including a blender for smoothies. The area and the views were fantastic. 

From our host's back patio overlooking the beaver pond. Sadly we did not see the beavers or the 2 kits. We also did not meet the resident bobcat!

The setting was quiet and very relaxing. We'd give the place 5 stars and definitely return if we are in the area. The back of our host's home.

Ray is waiting for the sunset.

Our 'home'.
New York has some beautiful scenery. I've always equated the state with the city and I should know better! Where we live in Illinois is nothing like Chicago! I'm glad we spent some time in this area. 

As we left New York today, we shared the road with a few Amish. 

We crossed the border at Ogdensburg, NY and Johnstown, ON traveling across the Ogdensburg - Prescott International Bridge. Each country has its Customs on its own side of the River. This is the St. Lawrence River as we left the USA before going through Customs in Ontario, Canada.

The drive across Ontario was very wooded.

Today was another long drive. We are tired but with a view like this, it is easy to relax! We are on Trout Lake in North Bay, ON. This is our view from our apartment. We are hoping the skies clear a little before sunset.

Tomorrow we are headed to Sault Ste. Marie. 


  1. Oh how I miss the mountains and woods. Another month and I get to see the VT mountains. I can't wait. Enjoy your time in Ontario.

  2. Sounds wonderful! I am going to be visiting Trout Lake in the middle of July!

  3. You certainly are having some great adventures!



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