Friday, June 3, 2016

An Exciting Day in New Brunswick...

It's been a busy day! First thing this morning, which wasn't took early, I cooked our dinner. Both stores here are just small convenience stores but I was able to buy a pound of frozen hamburger and a small box of spaghetti noodles last night. So this morning, thanks to some dehydrated tomato powder, onions, and green peppers, I was able to make spaghetti. It simmered while we got ready for the day and then we put it in the fridge.

First stop was Fundy National Park which is very close to us. On the advice of a ranger, we decided to hike to Dickson Falls. It is the most popular hike in the park and is somewhat easy walking with lots of stairs. I am still nursing this ankle. Come along.

After walking a short distance, we see the falls from an overlook.

Then we walk on walkways, down steps, and get a closer view.

We went down more steps

 and got a little further from the falls and found it kept going.

As we kept going down into the valley, 

the little waterfalls continued.

We eventually started climbing up stairs and even had a short walk in the woods.

Back near the parking lot, we stopped at the Bay of Fundy overlook.

There was a round bench in the overlook area with the message: 
"National parks are maintained for all the people - for the ill that they may be restored, for the well that they may be fortified and inspired by the sunshine, the fresh air, the beauty, and all the other healing, ennobling and inspiring agencies of Nature." ~J.B. Harkin 1st National Parks Commissioner 1911-1936

A little further down the road from our trailhead was the Point Wolfe Covered Bridge.

The view from the bridge.

A little ways from the bridge, in a small pull-off area, there are more of the red chairs like we found yesterday!

Of course, I had to sit. I took this photo of the bridge.

We don't have enough time in New Brunswick. I wonder who planned this trip. So we didn't get to see any more of the park. We drove through Alma and stopped for just a minute at the town dock.

We headed north, I think. We stopped at Cape Enrage Lighthouse.

There are zip lines there but they weren't open today so we didn't have to make the choice!

Our big destination for the day was Hopewell Cape. We would have liked to spend the entire day there but we were happy to be there at low tide. We walked the trail for about 15 minutes

and went down a few steps to the observation deck. The tide was out and you could see the ocean floor and the Hopewell rocks that are mostly submerged when the tide is in.

We've started down - it's a long ways to the ocean floor. Can you see the people - the rocks are huge!

The sun came out and it was really bright.

We finally got to the ocean floor. There was lots of seaweed at the base of many of the rocks.

Do you know this guy reaching high? That's Ray!

These are the steps to get to and from the ocean floor. It looks like 4 flights but looks can be deceiving! There is more at the top that you can't see!

The ocean floor was sandy, gravelly, rocky, wet ...

We decided a selfie was needed but the stick was in the car so I just held my phone.

Rocks were in both directions. I think this is further north.

Ray was taking a photo. See all of the seaweed. Every so often there were little yellow signs chained to some of the rocks. They were in areas where the rock isn't stable and people were not to go under those rocks.

I was really tired by the time we got 'home'. My iPhone says I climbed 27 flights of stairs today and walked well over 5 miles. I was so glad that dinner just needed to be heated. With a green salad, we had a good meal. 

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in a chair watching the tide come in. Our view is so calming and ever changing. We have had gorgeous weather. The sun will set soon and we will be on our way to Cape Breton tomorrow. As always, we are looking forward to another great day.

June 4 Update: We are on our way to Nova Scotia this morning - not to Cape Breton yet... I really was tired when I wrote this last night!


  1. That's the problem with going to new places ... it's impossible to know how much time to allow. Like you said, you'll have to plan another trip.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day! So glad you got to see Hopewell Cape at low tide. I grew up in Moncton, not too far away, so we made many trips to see The Rocks over the years!

  3. That top trail looks a lot like parts of the Arkansas Ozarks. Hope you got a good rest.

  4. Wow! Love the shots of the rocks at low tide. Peggy's Cove comes to mind for Nova Scotia. I can't remember where I stayed when up there.... but it was where the CAT from Maine landed. Looks like you are really enjoying your travels.



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