Sunday, June 5, 2016

Slow Sunday

Isn't this the neatest phone that sits in our front room/porch?

We got up to very cloudy skies. These pictures are from our yard.

As we continue traveling north, it seems the flowering trees/bushes are constantly blooming! The lilacs in our host's yard are a pretty color.

We drove to Blomidon Provincial Park but we were actually in the clouds so we came back down and stopped at this eagles' nest. It's hard to see but there are two eaglets in the nest and two eagles in the tree to the right of the nest. With Ray's camera lens, he could easily see them.

We drove to Scots Bay but again we were in the clouds. So we headed to Halls Harbour. It was getting close to high tide and many boats were in the harbor.

The skies were beginning to clear.

Some view from Halls Harbour:

As we walked to the car and looked on the other side of the road:

We continued on our little tour - Centreville was very small. Canning was larger with a grocery store - not huge but bigger than a convenience store. Just down from the grocery store, we found Bruce Spicer Park, the site of Canning Shipyards around 1838 - 1920. We stopped and had a picnic lunch with this view.

We headed back home and found another dock with boats that had been vacant earlier in the day at low tide.

It was nice to be home at high tide. These are the views from our house.

We've both been lazy this afternoon. We don't have TV so we aren't technically couch potatoes but I did have a short nap. 

I think we both needed some downtime. This vacationing is hard work!!!


  1. A little R+R while vacationing is a good thing. Lovely photos ... especially of the eagles.

  2. Nice to see the clouds cleared for you! Hall's Harbour is on my list of places to see...thanks for sharing those great pics!



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