Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rain and a Nice Surprise

We had a few things we wanted to do today but sometimes the weather interferes. So we didn't go whale watching or out with Captain Zodiac for an adventure. But we did catch up on laundry and a couple of other chores. After lunch we went for a walk in the rain and then went for a short drive in the rain. Spending a little extra time, we fixed a nice dinner. In a while we are headed to The Doryman Pub and Grill in search of some Acadian fiddle music.

I don't have any pictures from today so I'll share one more from yesterday - us!

Cheticamp is definitely a bilingual area. The main language is a dialect of French. It has some old Acadian mixed in. Thank goodness English is also spoken. The signs in this area are in French and English but the English is not always complete. The people are friendly and helpful - the same as we have found throughout Nova Scotia. 

You may recall that we had a little problem with lodging the other day and Airbnb immediately refunded our money.  New lodging and eating all meals out cost us more but that's just how things go sometimes. Well I just checked our email and I had a message from Airbnb: 

Thanks for being so great about your reservation issue the other day! We noticed that you have a few more stops to go on your trip and hope you can use this towards any extra travel necessities you may need along the way. :) - Kelsey and your friends at Airbnb 

They have given us $50 - it's already on the way to our credit card! Wow! That was so unexpected and so very kind of them.

Tomorrow we are moving. Once again, it's hard to leave. We've really enjoyed living here and hope to return someday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow as we drive the Cabot Trail on our way to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.


  1. What a great banner pic! Glad to hear you're having a great time, even amongst those rain drops. Wonderful that a refund arrived...always places to use that!

  2. I have to admit that I have had some apprehensions about Airbnb but given your experience and how quickly they resolved it, I am thinking that perhaps we ought to give them a try.



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