Thursday, June 9, 2016

What a fantastic day!

It rained most of last night and was overcast this morning. After breakfast, we packed and left the Comfort Inn in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It was a beautiful drive north even with light rain and overcast skies. 

We stopped in Bayfield and saw some lobster boats coming in and unloading.

After arriving on Cape Breton Island,  

we met a blog friend, Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter and her husband Dave for lunch. 

Actually they invited us to their home and cooked fresh lobster! Meeting Lesley and Dave felt like meeting old friends - we had an awesome afternoon. It's amazing how many things we have in common.

I learned a lot about cooking and eating fresh lobster - Dave got the lobsters off of the boat this morning - and it was SOOOOO GOOD! 

Lesley had all the sides to go with lobster - potato salad, coleslaw, rolls - and Dave cracked the lobsters so they were easy to eat. Did I mention how GOOD this all was?!

And then Lesley had chocolate chip cookies and a blueberry dessert. She even sent cookies and blueberry dessert with us! The blueberry dessert reminds me of a cheesecake - it was/is delicious. This is a photo before we had some this evening.

I know Lesley loves chocolate cookies and she makes great ones. She uses Hershey Chipits which I have never seen.

It was fun seeing Lesley and Dave's beautiful, comfy home and Lesley's sewing room. She did a little bed turning for me - she makes gorgeous quilts. I didn't take pictures because we can see the quilts on her blog and I was busy drooling! 

She gave Ray and me each a lobster apron that she had made - we needed them for lunch! Eating lobster is a bit messy and fun!

I made a project bag for her with a smaller bag inside holding some of my favorite small quilting notions. 

Meeting Dave and Lesley was definitely a highlight of our trip. I get the feeling that the four of us could visit for a long time before we'd run out of things to talk about. I really hope we have an opportunity to get together again someday. 

After we left Dave and Lesley's home, we headed further north and east to Baddeck, Nova Scotia. We drove in rain, arrived at our rental in rain, and unloaded in rain. After grabbing a few groceries and unpacking, we took a walk in the rain. Some photos from our walk.

We met a man on our walk - he was driving one of those cute, tiny cars and it had Wisconsin license plates. He had stopped to take a photo of the lighthouse. He didn't drive the car all the way here from Wisconsin - I had to ask - he towed it behind his motorhome.

We are almost caught up on laundry. Now it's time to figure out what we are going to do tomorrow. 

It's been a fantastic day!


  1. How fun to meet up with bloggy friends. That lobster did look yummy!

  2. What an awesome time we had! We both felt like we knew you already and the time just flew. So glad you enjoyed lunch...nothing better than to share a Cape Breton lobster with friends from away! I love my new bags and notions and all will be well used.
    Your workmanship is perfection! Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Fresh lobster - so envious! Yes, very messy but oh so good. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and are enjoying every moment. Walks in the rain are the best.

  4. Wow, what a day ... Fresh lobster, yummy desserts and a visit with a fellow quilting blogger!

  5. What a great day! We went to Nova Scotia/Cape Breton a coupe of years ago, but Lesley was out of town so we didn't get a chance to meet up. Hope you enjoy the rest of o=your trip!!



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