Friday, June 10, 2016

Baddack, Nova Scotia

We have a water cooler in our apartment. We've been meeting there! OK I thought this was funny but Ray just gave me a weird little smile.

Today was overcast and cool. This morning the temperature was 8°C feeling like 6°C. That's 46°F feeling like 43°F. I have an app on my phone to convert just about anything we need but sometimes it's good to think!

We went shopping today - that is not typical for us. Usually we go buy what we need and don't spend much time browsing but today we wandered down the main street of Baddeck and checked out the stores. A few were just opening for the season. There are some very nice stores. We found a little touristy stuff but mostly we saw nice things. There is not a quilt shop here but I did find Baddeck Yarn, a great shop. 

The shop is in the back of the oldest house in Baddeck. I think the owner said it was built in the 1860.

Patricia, the owner, was extremely pleasant and we talked for quite a while. She said she knits her socks cuff down and always knits the first row and then begins the ribbing. It makes for a comfortable fit. I need to try this.

Of course I found a few things I couldn't live without. On the left is hand dyed Nova Scotia yarn called Cottage Socks - Merino and nylon. In the middle are dpn tubes. The owner was using them and I think I'll like them when knitting socks. On the right is Canadian Turtle Purl Yarn that is dyed for matching self striping socks. 

While we were shopping this morning, the 0% chance of rain changed to 100%. We decided to just stop for lunch. We chose a small cafe and bakery. 

Me: "I'd like 1/2 BLT and a side salad."

Nice Young Man: "What type of bread would you like?"
Me: "What kinds do you have?"
Nice Young Man: list several types
Me: "I don't know what porridge bread is."
Nice Young Man: "Well then, you are going to find out!"
It was very good - a little dense but not at all dry. I think I'll try making it after we get home.

This afternoon, while I was in the yarn shop, Ray went to get the oil changed in the Jeep.  The place is very close, only about 2 blocks from our apartment. It took a couple of hours - they had to work him in. At least that job is done. We also walked to the grocery store and have meals planned for a couple days - yay! Tonight we went out for pizza, or maybe I should say down. I'll explain in a couple of days. Earlier today we were told that Tom's Pizza has the best pizza in town - there are two pizza places! Later someone told us that Tom's Pizza was in the top 3 places in Canada. Hard to say but the pizza was good. There was just one little problem - can you spot it? My half was bacon and black olive and Ray's half was sausage and mushroom.

We ended up with half bacon and mushroom and half black olive and sausage. They were busy so we didn't say anything.

Right before dinner, the sun came out! After eating, we walked to the water front and toured the town a little. Here are a couple of photos:
lighthouse with sun and some blue sky
The beautiful, clear lake is Bras d'Or Lake, an inland sea. It is a large body of partially fresh/salt water in the center of Cape Breton Island. Bras d'Or is pronounced as one word and I think the s is silent.

The sun will come out tomorrow! And we are going on a hike...


  1. You'll get some nice socks from those yarns. Enjoy the cool. High heat and humidity in our areas this weekend.

  2. Glad you found Baadeck yarns! Years ago I sprained my wrist and couldn't quilt, but for some reason, I could knit, so I picked up some beautiful yarn there! Laughed about the pizza, but it still looked good! Enjoy your hike...I see the sun out there!

  3. So, what is the latest gossip around the water cooler? How that restaurant messed up the order or that you have to walk down to the town? Interesting way to knit the socks. I had a friend who always did a knit stitch at the beginning and end of things to keep them flat on the edge. Enjoy your hike today.

  4. Even with the mix up, your pizza looks yummy. I can't wait to hear about walking down to town.



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