Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Sunny Day!

Today was gorgeous! The temperature got into the 70s by afternoon. It was the perfect day to be outside. We headed to Uisge Ban Falls.

The last part of the drive was on a gravel road. Look at the beautiful sky!

The hike was pretty easy with the river a ways down on our right.

 Sometimes the trail was a walk in the woods but

other times we had to work our way around the water and mud. It was obvious that there's been a lot of rain lately.

Every so often I looked up. I love the trees against the sky.

We got closer to the river.

At times there were rapids,

and lots of rocks; some were big.

There were even some little waterfalls on the way to the big waterfall.

Then Uisge Ban Falls came into view. Wow! I didn't get a great shot. I climbed over some rocks but decided I had gone far enough. The waterfall comes down on the right and does a 90 degree turn.

My hot shower felt so good when we got home. There were LOTS of mosquitos and gnats so we were covered in insect repellent. And we were sweaty. And we didn't take showers before we left this morning. Oops, too much information.

My friend Lesley, the one (with her husband) that fed us fresh lobster the other day, asked how far we'd driven to get that lobster. When I used google maps, it says from our house to Lesley's is 1,816 miles but then I put in each city we visited and the trip was 2,494 miles! That does not include any sightseeing; it is just driving from city to city. If you'd like to see Lesley's post, visit here. I figure that meeting Lesley and eating that lobster was worth every mile! Oh, note to Lesley: We are out of blueberry dessert and chocolate chip cookies. Do you deliver?

I wanted to share this photo from our back porch. I took it tonight after dinner. That is Bras d'Or Lake.

My ankle is up. I have some swelling and a little pain. Walking on the tree roots and rocks and climbing around mud and water puddles was hard work even though it was an easy hike! By tomorrow, I should be good to try it all again.

Tomorrow is a travel day but we are only moving a little over an hour away. We are looking forward to see even more of this beautiful island.


  1. Sounds like you had a terrific day! We hiked those falls a few years back and it was one of our favorite hiking trails! The other is the Skyline in the Highlands National Park, most of it on a boardwalk so much easier. Hope your ankle is feeling better this morning. As for the cookies and blueberry dessert, sorry I can't deliver! You'll just have to come back some day!

  2. Take care of that ankle. Looks like a nice area.

  3. Look at that sky! Gorgeous! Hope your ankle is better tomorrow.



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