Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rain, Fog, and Sun!

We've had a good day. We woke up to rain and fog but the rain stopped before we packed the car and left the Oceanstone Inn. We planned to stop at Peggy's Cove but the fog was too heavy so we headed to Halifax. 

The Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market was our first stop. This place is massive and must be really crazy on a Saturday. It was quiet with just a few vendors today. We enjoyed some really good smoothies.

Then we headed to the waterfront. 

There were a number of ships in port.

And I loved all of the little shops, although just a few were open.

We saw this Harbour Hopper.

And I LOVED this tugboat, the Theodore Too. Theodore Tugboat is a Canadian children's show about a tugboat and his friends that live in the Big Harbour (Halifax). 

The fog lifted enough to see across the harbour to Dartmouth.

I think you can see the fog in this photo along with the Dartmouth ferry on the left.

We left the waterfront and walked up into Halifax. Here are some sights.

Looking down towards the waterfront
In a park
Same park
Same park

Same park
Nova Scotia Fallen Peace Officers Memorial
in the park with the inscription
"In memory, a constant thought. In heart, a constant sorrow.
When we found this bar and grill, we couldn't resist. We walked up another block wondering if they would know our name...
but they weren't open.

We stopped at the Pavia Gallery, Expresso Bar and Cafe and enjoyed a delicious lunch. We both ordered the "Nova Scotian Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Basil Jam". I asked about the bread and was told it was Focaccia. When our sandwiches came, they were Paninis!

A few more sights around Halifax.

We crossed the Macdonald bridge to get to Dartmouth. I don't like bridges but this was impressive. It is a suspension bridge that is  1.3 kilometers or  .81 miles long and almost 338 feet high.

We arrived at our motel to find that they are 100% full tonight. Glad we made our reservation last night. Oh yeah, we now have some clean clothes too!

Tonight we walked about 2 minutes down the street in the sun and ate at Ship Victory which was one of the places recommended by the desk clerk at our motel. We had a good meal. On the way home, we walked in a light rain. We had hoped to go to Ferry Park for some sunset pictures but the clouds rolled in and the rain is intermittent. 

It is really neat to look out our window at the lights of the Macdonald Bridge and Halifax. The sky has cleared some and we can see the moon.

In other news, we already have the refund from Airbnb! And we have a very nice note saying that they are educating the host that messed up on how to be a host. Hopefully others won't have our experience. 

Tomorrow we head to Cape Breton Island. It will be a great day -I'm looking forward to meeting Leslie, a blog friend, and her husband.


  1. Great looking bridge, but, I wouldn't want to drive on it. I'm not a fan of driving on bridges.

  2. I love focaccia! It's the best bread for paninis, I think. It's getting harder to find places around here that use focaccia.

    I'm with Cheryl - that bridge looks pretty scary to me.



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