Sunday, May 19, 2019


When the road ahead seems too long,
look back to see how far you’ve come.

It was so nice to stop for two nights in Regina. We seldom travel 4 days in a row but we knew that we had a long way to go. And now we can look back and say we are almost to Jasper! It's been a little frustrating because in each place we've stayed, we've found many things to do - too many to do in one afternoon/evening. I guess that means another trip someday!

In Regina, we stayed at Beautiful 1BR Suite. It was fantastic. Our host offered suggestions of what to see/do and the apartment was wonderful - super clean and comfy. Even though it's a downstairs apartment, there were windows in every room except the bathroom. We highly recommend this one! We were in an area of the city with close, newer houses. This was our street.

We parked on the street but there were alleys with garages where many parked. This was looking in the other direction.

Under beautiful blue, sunny skies, we drove across Saskatchewan today. We found out that this province is not all flat!

We saw many farmers in the fields. A few were rolling their fields. I understand that will help the seed germinate faster.

Others were really making good use of their time/equipment on every swipe - look how much is towed behind one tractor at one time. We learned that some of the fields we've seen are wheat but some are most likely canola and possibly other grains.

We bought gas today, the first since we arrived in Canada. That bill is for $78.48 in gas and $5.50 for two small bottles of Simple Orange (we both needed some OJ.) Thank goodness the exchange rate is in our favor! We paid $62.53 USD. Gas is expensive!

We stopped for lunch in Saskatoon. We used the GPS to find a restaurant and chose a Chili's but we were in an area that isn't well detailed on our GPS. So...we didn't find Chili's but while looking, we found Cora. We both ended up having breakfast for lunch and it was really good!

I had 'Surprise'. It was a French toast sandwich made with a fried egg, bacon, and Swiss cheese. Then the sandwich was covered with 3 kinds of melon, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, halos, and bananas. It all tasted as good as it looked!

Ray had "Undecided Louie's". He enjoyed eggs, bacon, potatoes, and a crepe with fruit and Nutella. The GPS did a good job of finding us a place to eat!

On the road, we occupy ourselves in strange ways - often guessing who is singing on the radio. Why does Ray know Ferlin Husky? His major hits were Wings of a Dove and Gone.
Someone needs to clean the radio screen.
As we headed north and west we notice more and more trees.

When we arrived in Lloydminster, we had to stop and take pictures of the border markers. We are told that Lloydminster is the only border city in Canada. Part of the city is in Saskatchewan and part is in Alberta. We parked our car in Alberta, walked across the street to Saskatchewan, and took this photo. There are 4 very tall red border markers.

Tonight we are near Lloydminster, Alberta. We entered our host's drive,

continued on

and finally saw the house.

We are in the upper level of the retreat building on the left. There is a crafting retreat going on with 3 ladies in the lower level.

After unloading what we needed, we took a walk. We have access to 80 acres but about half of it is still wet from a hard winter and a wet spring.

I didn't take a lot of photos but I love Aspen trees especially with blue skies.

It really was sunny!

Tonight is for relaxing. I am feeling much better and Ray is now fighting off a cold but also is much better tonight. We'll be ready for another day in the car tomorrow.


  1. Love hearing about your travels! And seeing your great pics.. Glad you are feeling better...and yes, the price of gas in Canada is atrocious! But Cora’s is the best! Enjoy!

  2. What a neat retreat center! Beautiful area there. I always enjoy breakfast....any time of day. Glad you are feeling better, too.

  3. I love breakfast for lunch (or dinner). Looks like a nice place to stay.



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