Friday, May 17, 2019

Regina, SK

We are in Regina, Saskatchewan. Last night in Minot, we stayed at Basement Apartment near Oak Park. We highly recommend this place although I know it is totally booked for the at least 3 months.

We left this morning under a cloudy sky and cool temperatures. The sun finally appeared a little but the wind kept the day chilly.

As we drove north and west from Minot, ND, the flat land turned to hills! 

First we saw a 14 on a hill then this 17???

I did some research and graduating seniors from Kenmare, ND, have been setting their graduation year into the hillside for many years! The class of '66 were also the State Champions evidently. I had to include the class of '66 - that's when we graduated from high school.

It seems that many classes repaint during their class reunions.

North of Kenmare, the flat land reappeared and we began seeing oil pumps.

We crossed the border at Portal, ND and North Portal, SK. There was a long line of semi-trucks, probably 15 or more, but there was only one passenger vehicle - us! The trucks have their own lane so we didn't have to wait at all.

In Saskatchewan, our first views were coal strip mines. I hope they reclaim the land at some point. It was very barren.

We found Wheat Sculptures as we drove through Weyburn, SK.

We appreciated the Canadians reminding us to Drink water!😉 It really is good for us. 

I didn't get any pictures of the signs warning of an Important Intersection. They were quite helpful as the intersection was almost always one where we needed to turn!

Most of the homesteads were surrounded by trees today with most then being surrounded by wheat fields. We saw very few shelter belts.

There were MANY wheat fields- some planted, some getting planted, and some not yet planted.

We went to Moose Jaw. It is on the way from Minot to Regina if I am navigating! First stop was supposed to be Quilters Haven - are you surprised? But we had a slight problem - no money for a parking meter. We found a grocery store and bought water - remember we are supposed to Drink water. We had $15 Canadian thanks to our hair dresser - she had this Canadian money and thought giving it to us was a way to get rid of it. Little did she know we would need it! When we got our change, the cashier was kind enough to give us what we needed for parking meters.

Problem solved. Parking space located. Money in meter. We went to Quilters Haven; actually we just stopped to ask where to eat lunch. 

They sent us about a block and a half away to a little local place, Veroba's. It was great. You do know that quilters always know where to eat.

We headed back to Quilters Haven where the ladies were super friendly. I might have picked up a template that I didn't own before today.

It was quite cool and very windy so we chose not to wonder around. Instead we headed to Tourism Moose Jaw and met Mac the Moose. At 32 feet tall, he is rather imposing!

There was also a CT-114 Tutor Jet.

It was time to head on to Regina, SK. We are now settled for a couple nights in a very nice rental. 

It's been a good day and we have met such kind, helpful people everywhere we've been. We've bought a few groceries and are just relaxing tonight. My nose has been running all day and I feel like I might be getting a cold so I'm doing everything I can think of to ward it off. I think it's time to go Drink water!


  1. Love your navigating! What unique names for towns too. The moose made me smile. Please drink water, and wash hands, and all those things to stay well. I am still battling a virus cold and it is day 14. A day of rest will help.

  2. Drink some OJ along with that water. Hope you didn't get sick.



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